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OCTOBER 27, 2022

While society has learned to celebrate individualism, Chivas’ “I Rise, We Rise” campaign celebrates what individual success means to a community and an industry. It’s no longer about the lone wolf making its way around the wilderness; it’s about the entire pack that thrives. 

In partnership with Complex Philippines, the campaign takes on a new light with “Mad Hustle,” which features movement shakers and key players in music and style. 

“I Rise, We Rise” meets “Mad Hustle”

Armed with Chivas’ brand campaign of “I Rise, We Rise,” Complex Philippines styled, shot and spoke to music artist FELIP, FlipTop founder Alaric “Anygma” Yuson, soul and RnB artist Jess Connelly, and content creator Gela Muñoz. In a lookbook entitled “Mad Hustle,” these four individuals showcase what their success has meant for their respective communities. 

“Just do [your thing]. Make mistakes and do it. Not everything goes according to plan—not one thing will blow you up [into fame],” shares Jess Connelly. “Don’t place so much importance on a single event.”

Chivas’ “I Rise, We Rise” campaign
Jess Connelly wearing the Chivas x Syndrome Supply Collection

Meanwhile, Gela Muñoz is a staunch believer that not everything has to fit within traditional lines, and that creativity and career can work hand in hand. She says, “I really encourage [my crew] that if I can go against the norm and not do the usual 9-to–5 job, the same is possible if that’s your dream—there’s always space for everybody in this industry.”

Chivas’ “I Rise, We Rise” campaign
Gela Muñoz wearing the Chivas x Syndrome Supply Collection

In the world of gritty, underground Philippine rap, no name echoes quite like Alaric “Anygma” Yuson, who founded FlipTop Battle League. They key to success, he explains, is consistency and in the feeling your passion continues to evoke. “Do it for the right reasons,” he reiterates. “If you love [the art] enough, whether it’s profitable or not, it should be fulfilling for your soul.”

Alaric “Anygma”Yuson  wearing the Chivas x Syndrome Supply Collection

Meanwhile, FELIP (AKA Ken of SB19) knows first-hand how important collaboration is in empowering a community—and uplifting it on the international stage. As 1/5 of SB19 and as an individual artist, FELIP understands that fear will always be present when making big moves, but recognizes that the only way to get through it is to try. “Madami kaming natanggap na hurtful words, but today, madami ang mga sumusunod sa kung ano ang nasimulan namin (We’ve received a lot of hurtful words, but today, many follow the path we’ve set forth),” he explains. 

Chivas’ “I Rise, We Rise” campaign
FELIP wearing the Chivas x Syndrome Supply Collection

The New Regals

Encompassing the entire “I Rise, We Rise” campaign into a lookbook like “Mad Hustle” meant collaborating with names and individuals that effortlessly embody the Chivas’ ethos. Dubbed as the “New Regals,” Chivas empowers this generation that has risen to success outside of traditional structures. 

FELIP, Alaric “Anygma” Yuson, Jess Connelly, and Gela Muñoz are only four names in a group of New Regals that are hungry, creative and willing to go the extra mile. 

The Chivas x Syndrome Collection can be copped here. Check out the Complex Philippines x Chivas lookbook, “Mad Hustle,” here


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