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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Image: Instagram/@ricaperalejo

Actress-vlogger Rica Peralejo has gone through life’s ups and downs, and she recalled how she survived the crushing and belittling to make her the strongest woman she could ever be.

Peralejo mused on her past from which she learned to value herself more in order to survive, as can be seen in her Instagram post on June 4, where she shared a short video of herself on a boat ride.

“I was trying to understand what it was that crushed me. I figured it must have been huge, considering that I had already been thru so much in life prior. How could things get worse?” she initially said.

“I realised it is because the crime was that of degradation, belittling, dismissal. It is in the refusal to see the image of God in me just because I did not line up quietly, perfectly, as many would, as many did, as many do. I was then made to feel small. I was made to feel like my ideas, values, studies, job, were… not even second best, but were stupid, laughable, nothing compared especially to the serious workings of others,” she explained, adding that “the saddest part was I tried to believe this.”

“For years I told myself I was wrong. And it is quite fatal to feel like you are wrong. It can rly lead you to a place of crisis. Must I exist or not? Will I do the world a favor by not being around?” she related.

“Condescension kills. Haughtiness is a crime. No wonder God doesn’t like it. I mean, He hates it. I pray then, especially knowing the feeling of a life that was once threatened by disavowal, that I become that kind of person who isn’t only generous and kind, but truly lowly and humble to acknowledge that it doesn’t make a person less wonderful just because I don’t understand,” she said.

“Thoughtful Sunday, to u all!” she told her IG followers.  /ra


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