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Makati launches travel map for health and wellness tourism

MANILA, Philippines – The city of Makati launched its official health and wellness travel map that features the city’s premier hospitals, clinics, spas, and wellness centers, presenting it to stakeholders in Makati’s tourism and healthcare sectors. The Official Map published by HIM Communications provides visitors and residents a handy guide for navigating through the city’s central business district, as well as its shopping, leisure and entertainment centers.

Makati Health Council – NABH International partnership

During the launch, Makati Mayor Jun Binay also revealed that the city has ongoing efforts to assure that Makati’s healthcare providers, from hospitals to clinics to spas, receive international accreditation. “One of the priorities in the City Health Program is international accreditation for our city’s healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and eventually, its wellness centers. International accreditation is a proven way for upgrading healthcare facilities and services to conform to global standards, and be at par with the best in the world.”

“For this, we are working closely with NABH International, an official accrediting agency under the International Society for Quality in Healthcare in partnership with our Makati Health Council. With the support of NABH International and our stakeholders in the city’s healthcare, our goal of international accreditation for our healthcare providers will be achieved,” said Mayor Binay.

According to Binay, the international accreditation of Makati’s hospitals, clinics and wellness centers is being undertaken through cooperation with Makati Health Council and NABH International. NABH International is an official accreditor of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare. HealthCORE is the Country Representative of NABH International in the Philippines.

“We understand that it is important to provide world-class medical services that are affordable to the local population and medical tourists. Setting standards through international accreditation would be good for Makati’s healthcare providers to remain competitive and excellent in their practice,” said Dr. Galvez-Tan.

Leading the way

According to Lito Anzures, head of the Makati City Tourism Office, Makati has the infrastructure to be one of the top tourism destinations in the Philippines.

“I would say that Makati City’s tourism and medical travel infrastructure is at par with similar destinations in the region. We have the best hotels. We are the center of business. We have world-class malls. We are an entertainment center and we have parks as well.”

“Plus, the City’s healthcare system is really advanced. We have tertiary hospitals, world-class specialty clinics that are already treating foreign patients on a regular basis. Really, all we need to do is let the world know the good things that Makati City has to offer. We have them already, so let’s tell people about them,” said Anzures.

Medical travel model city

According to Joyce Socao-Alumno, president of HIM Communications, Makati City is on its way to fulfilling a vision that, she hopes, the rest of the country will eventually share.

“We had been advocating medical tourism in the Philippines since 2006. Actually, our very first efforts to develop the Philippines as a health and wellness destination began in Makati way back then. Through the years, we’ve learned that there are considerable challenges in realizing that vision for the entire country. Hence, we are developing cities one step at a time and we chose to start with Makati City which we hope will serve as a template model for other cities to follow given its infrastructure, security and strong local governance, not to mention its being the country’s foremost business district.”

“Travelers from overseas who are seeking information about the Philippines healthcare and wellness facilities will find the information they need at the Philippines:  The Heart of Asia website. The Makati Travel Map is also available for viewing and for download at the website,” she said.

For more information about Makati City and medical tourism in the Philippines, please visit the Philippines: The Heart of Asia website: