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Is your home too hot this Summer? Try Tinting it.

MANILA, Philippines – Most people regard window tint as a car accessory, and don’t normally associate it with homes and buildings.  Most people who install window tint in their cars, do so simply because they think it looks good. The truth of the matter is though, premium tints such as US made Sun-Gard can do so much for your car and even your home especially during the hot summer months.  Premium tint can help make your home cooler, safer, and even more energy efficient.

Window tint was primarily designed to keep out solar heat without totally compromising visibility, and in so doing, to make air-conditioning work better. The earliest tints were simply celluloid (like the kind used to make camera and movie film) with adhesive.  They were adequate for making a car look dark, and they provided some heat rejection benefits; celebrities and VIPs used early tints to conceal them from the paparazzi, but it wasn’t the best way to keep out heat.  Today’s cheaper tints haven’t moved forward much since those days, but premium tints such as Sun-Gard are much more sophisticated.

Modern premium tints are multi-layered yet extremely thin, yet despite being extremely thin, they are remarkably strong, and heat resistant.  Each layer performs a specific function, there is a separate layer for reflecting heat away, and then another for absorbing UV rays and keeping them out of the car, another layer still protects the others from damage.  Heat from solar radiation comes in the form of light, and not all light is visible to the naked eye.  Most of the heat from solar radiation comes from light that is invisible such as ultra-violet rays and infra-red rays.  In fact premium tints keep out at least 95% of cancer causing UV rays, Sun-Gard tints keep out 99% of UV rays.  That’s why even the lightest shades of premium tint can keep out more actual heat than even the darkest shades of cheaper tints.

Tint that is more effective, stronger and more durable has many benefits for homes and buildings, especially in the summer.  Rejection of solar heat means a cooler home, with more efficiently functioning air conditioning, shatter resistant windows for your children’s safety, and lasting protection for your whole family from harmful UV rays.  Beat the summer heat, tint or re-tint your car, and your home as well with a premium tint.  Of all the premium tints on the market today, Sun-Gard is by far the most affordable.  It is also comparable to any premium tint on a per feature basis.

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