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Discovering a hidden paradise in the city

MANILA, Philippines – At the heart of a highly urbanized community is a secret dwelling place where the air is fresher, the grass is greener, and the water is cleaner.

Step into Kasara Urban Resort Residences and live everyday like you’re in paradise.

Wake up each day to the sun’s rays peeking through your window, inviting you to experience the best of nature through your senses amid continuous urbanization.

Inside Kasara is a modern six-tower residential plan beaming with open spaces where water amenities like man-made lakes, turtle ponds and pools welcome residents each day. From the window, is an unobstructed picturesque view of the Sierra mountain range in the morning and the impressive Ortigas skyline at night.

In here, the only sound that you hear is the chirping of birds echoing all over this 1.8 hectare property in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, the laughter of children running freely in the playground, the flowing water from the artificial falls and the wind’s gentle whisper to your ear as you meditate in the garden.

Feel the ticklish sensation of the grass on your feet as you walk around a garden carpeted with fresh, green grass. Let the cold, refreshing lake water seduce you for a quick dip on a hot afternoon to cool your body. Feel the therapeutic effect of the smooth stones massaging your tired feet at the natural pool.

The place simply oozes with a powerful smell of one’s yearning for a quality life in the city. Its proximity to C-5 road makes it very accessible to major business districts bringing you closer to work, shopping centers for entertainment and leisure purposes, schools for a high quality education and hospitals for an efficient medical service. Needless to say, your everyday needs and luxuries get fulfilled.

Savor the sweet taste of life’s success by rewarding yourself with the simple luxuries of life that’s best experienced only at Kasara Urban Resort Residences. Discover the hidden treasures of life’s beauty inside Kasara by calling 810-3333 or visiting today. (advt)