Beer trends and Filipino flavor fondness through the years

Beers that cater to evolving preferences and palates


Filipinos are a ‘hoppy’ bunch, which simply shows how much we love our beer. In fact, beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the Philippines in regional festivals, birthdays, family gathering, Holiday get-togethers with friends, or even just a night of unwinding with co-workers. It’s also interesting to note that, even with the presence of imported beers in the market, Filipinos are most likely to chug a local beer, the taste of which they can always relate to.

The love for local beers is a lasting one and this is evident and undeniable how beer is a staple during special occasions. Over the years, however, preferences and palates have constantly evolved (and continue to do so), with noteworthy trends having significantly influenced the beer landscape, as customers have developed a growing fondness for flavored beer and other variants.

San Miguel Brewery, Inc. (San Miguel) has played a crucial role in informing and shaping the preferences of beer lovers throughout the Philippines. Its rich, well-established history in the Philippine beer sector since its inception in 1890, when the company began as a humble brewery in the heart of Manila, has made them one of the top beer producers in the Asia-Pacific.

Cognizant of the ever-changing drinking penchants, the company continues to innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of various market segments.

The latest of its premium lineup is San Miguel Cerveza Blanca, an authentic local wheat beer made from imported ingredients and brewed locally that will guarantee a distinct and refreshing beer experience every time.

Filipino beer flavors and variants

San Miguel boasts of a bevy of world-class brews that has not only stood the test of time but has also grown and evolved with the customers’ preferences. For instance, when fitness and wellness became a trend in the 90s, a surge of body- and calorie-conscious consumers emerged. As exercise-conscious lifestyles gained traction, there was an uptick in the demand for low-calorie food and beverage choices—beers included.

Breweries marketed light and session beers, providing the beer-drinking market with options for a lower calorie alternative to other beers, appealing to health-conscious consumers. These beers boast of great taste, less filling and fewer calories, and appealed to those who wanted to enjoy their refreshing brews while being mindful of their calorie intake.

Fruity beers, on the other hand, target a younger market—including those who are neophytes to drinking but who would like to fully enjoy their beer experience. With a decidedly less bitter taste and a sweeter flavor profile than regular beers, invigorating fruity variants were introduced as an enjoyable all-occasion drink. Reminiscent of cocktails and other mixed alcoholic drinks, beers with flavors such as grapefruit, berries, apple, lychee, and lemon became popular.

These feel-good fruity alco-bev choices have since pleased the palates of a broader range of people and are perfect for bonding moments with friends at home or with family at the beach, are also typically lower in alcohol content. These refreshing variants have fast become top picks for entry-level beer drinkers and for long-time beer lovers who have a penchant for experimenting with new and different flavors.

The preference for premium

Over the past few years, the food and beverage industry has seen a consumer demand trend in the direction of more “premium” products, which are hinged on huge flavor, quality ingredients and, to some extent, more appealing packaging. Consumers are increasingly seeking unique, high-quality brews that go beyond mainstream offerings.

Cognizant of how beer enthusiasts are becoming more discerning, actively seeking out limited-edition releases and exploring the world of specialty brews, San Miguel Brewery has once again strengthened its premium beer portfolio with the launch of San Miguel Cerveza Blanca! With this brew, beer drinkers could relish a refreshingly distinctive and delectable beer experience as San Miguel Cerveza Blanca is an authentic local wheat beer harmoniously blended with citrus notes and spices into silky golden brew.

It’s time to take pleasure in San Miguel Cerveza Blanca’s seamless balance of spicy, smoky, citrusy flavors, plus subtle aromatics of citrus and mint—everything beer drinkers look for in a top-quality wheat beer. Whether you’re in a beach, in a bar, or having that backyard BBQ with the family on a weekend, you will surely raise your glass and toast to San Miguel Cerveza Blanca’s 5.4% ABV. Every sip of this smooth and creamy beer will give you a beautiful balance of bubble and buzz, which is the perfect way of savoring a truly satisfying taste, flavor, and aroma which is like no other.

So, if you enjoy your brews but are looking for that delightfully different beer experience, head over to select supermarkets, bars, or restaurants and purchase San Miguel Cerveza Blanca with its cream-and-gold can. After all, there are many great reasons that, over a century later, San Miguel beers continue to flourish and bring world-class brew and drinking experience to Filipinos the world over.

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca is only P 71.00 SRP and can be purchased from select supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores today, or through SMB Delivers via 8632-BEER (2337) or Drink moderately.

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