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OCTOBER 27, 2022

By Danice Abril
Illustration: Armaine Yapyuco

Shopping is one of my deadliest hobbies and I always enjoy doing it with my mom. She seems to have a better eye for fashion than me. Whenever we check out stores and I’d pick out some pieces, her favorite comment would be, “Ay, uso na yan dati,” or she would even scoff, “had that before.” Ever since then, I’ve been buying several throwback fashion pieces that I know will keep coming back in trend. This mindset is good for the closet, and good for the wallet, I must say.

The fashion industry never sleeps and trends just keep coming and going. Every day, we can see different fashion pieces being flaunted on the streets of BGC, Makati, Alabang—you name it, and you’ll always see something new. Despite fresh and new trends popping up all the time, classic pieces from the past always make a comeback. (They are called classics for a reason.)

Here are five of them.


Button Front Denim Skirt

Considered as a wardrobe staple, the button front denim skirt appeared in the 70’s. This fashion piece was resurrected last year and is still trending today. It can be worn with a simple shirt for a casual chic look but one can also pair it with a formal top for more prim and proper events. Over time it has developed other various renditions like colors and materials to keep up with the changes and needs in our time.



Penny Loafers

A classic for both men and women that originated in the 1930’s. Penny Loafers were usually worn with dresses for the ladies and suits for the gents. Even school children before wore these with their white socks. Despite the changes in color, material, height and even weight, this classic fashion piece never goes out of style. In the present day, you can still see Penny Loafers being worn along with more formal pieces of clothing. You can see the same men and women sporting a pair of jeans, a shirt, and penny loafers. Ever wonder where the Penny Loafer got its name? According to Zappos, Teens before would put a penny inside their shoes in case they had to make an emergency call home.




Originally used by workers back in the 1940’s depending on their type of work, this piece of clothing is so flexible, you can pair it with any top. Making its major comeback in 2015, it comes in different colors so one can really mix and match to their liking. You can pair the pants overall or a skirt with a bright and plain colored shirt or a crop top and you are good to go.




Pronounced kyu-lat, Culottes are knee-length pants that are cut in a way to resemble a skirt. They are influenced by the clothes working class people wore during the French Revolution. It wasn’t until 2015 when women started to sport this piece of clothing once again. They now come in different colors and materials. Its versatility makes it easy to be a stylish office outfit paired with a buttoned down polo or for a night out paired with a shiny top.



John Lennon Glasses

Popularized by the late John Lennon himself back in the 60’s, the iconic round spectacles is a recurring staple of the fashion scene. Several years have passed since its comeback but the fashion item is always going to be in season. From reading glasses to sunglasses, this style of eyewear will always have its place in the fashion industry.


Classic pieces are essential to have in one’s closet. Trust me, they never go out of style. Hold on to them and wait for a while and you’ll see everyone wearing them again.

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