10 Things We Want to See in Stranger Things Season 2

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Yes, you all finally heard the earth-shaking news a couple of nights ago–Stranger Things is back for a second season! In celebration, we’re making a list of stuff we’re waiting to see next. Hold onto your Eggos, folks!


1. Eleven in general
Though Netflix has been tight-lipped on whether Eleven is coming back or not, we are 99.9% sure that she is! I mean, she’s the show’s most iconic character–we all know what everyone’s going to wear on Halloween. Plus, Hopper didn’t leave those Eggo waffles out for no reason.

We’re also really excited to see an Eleven/Mike reunion. Just take her to that damn Snow Ball already!



2. The Upside Down
We have a never-ending list of questions: Is the Demogorgon really dead? Do those eggs mean baby monsters? What are the creatures of the Upside Down doing with the people it’s taken? What else is in there exactly? What exact effect does the Upside Down have on the victims who’ve stayed there, like Will?




3. The Jonathan-Nancy-Steve love triangle
Love triangles are annoying–I’ve seen a lot of them (thanks to K-dramas) and I always end up rooting for just one guy or neither. But Stranger Things does this age-old TV trope right. I’m just as conflicted as Nancy on this one. Though the direction where it’s going is pretty obvious the way they hyped up the Nancy/Jonathan ship, Steve has also gained the audience’s sympathy after his redemption in the last episode of season 1. And honestly, that hair is amazing.

Or you know, maybe we can just cut Nancy out and have Steve and Jonathan hook up. Half kidding. We’re hoping to at least see some bromance between the two.



4. BB Will needs to be okay
It was Will’s disappearance that started this entire damn show. Don’t tell me he’s in for even more trouble after all that effort went into rescuing him from the Upside Down. Maybe it was just my maternal instinct kicking in, but I can’t help but worry about his well-being in season 2 when we all watched him cough up that gross af slug. He’s clearly the softest and most innocent member of Mike’s gang, and he just needs to be protected forever (next to Dustin, of course).  



5. Winona Ryder
Winona is queen forever. Enough said.

6. More awesome ’80s fashion and music
Stranger Things wouldn’t be Stranger Things if it weren’t for its authentic ‘80s setting. It was done so beautifully. So, more of this please:


And these, too:



7. Hopper’s secrets unveiled
Again with all our questions. Why’d he rat out Eleven’s location in the end of season 1, but left her Eggo waffles after her disappearance? Who’s he working for now? What else does he know? Ugh, the anticipation.



8. The gang
One of the best things of the show is the dynamic and general chemistry of all the kids. Not only were they great actors, but incredibly entertaining to watch. And now that Will’s back and he isn’t exactly the same as before, it’d be interesting to see how their friendship plays out. Also–Dustin. Period.



9. Monster hunting
That Jonathan-Nancy-Steve/Demogorgon showdown was incredibly satisfying to watch. We want more! (!!!) They could be the new monster-hunting trio for all we care.



10. Barb
Ah, Barb. Probably one of the most debated-about characters in the series thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Was she truly necessary (and did she really #DeserveMore) or simply another aspect overhyped by the good citizens of Tumblr and Twitter? Whether you love this girl or not, you can’t deny that all the jokes are hilarious. We don’t want them to ever end, so let’s hope Barb isn’t really dead in season 2. Frankenbarb, anyone?



Stranger Things comes back for 9 episodes in 2017. Watch the official teaser here.

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