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OCTOBER 27, 2022

It’s an ineffable and profound force that transcends language.


Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Remember this jingle?

Look at me mom. Shining like the sun.
Bright as the day. You’re my number one.”

This song, launched in the 80s, is an icon in its own right—three decades later, this NIDO®3+5+ jingle is still a good reminder that the bond between mothers and their children remains to be one of the strongest and most powerful of human connections. Children will always look up to their mothers as a guardian angel, a strong protector, a bestfriend, and even the perfect playmate. Mothers, on the other hand, continue to nurture this unique bond daily by giving their children all the love and protection, assuring them of a secure and healthy day-to-day life. 

Mothers as the embodiment of love, care, and selflessness

A mother’s love is like no other.  It’s an ineffable and profound force that transcends language.  The bond between her and her children starts the moment she first holds her child in her arms.  It is a love that never fades away, as the love only grows stronger and deeper with time. There is simply no price tag to this kind of love that’s constant and unwavering, and no words to describe it as it can only be experienced, not explained. 

Mothers do not tire of telling their children how much they love them, and when words fail, moms express this through quality time, warm touch, and acts of service.  These are highlighted with every quality time spent playing and learning together, cooking their children’s favorite meal, offering a warm hug and a listening ear, and that soft caress and sweet kiss when a child needs it most. These acts of love and protection often extend to circumstances not easily fathomed by children such as when moms manage a toddler’s tantrum or meltdown, helping them out with schoolwork, caring for them when they’re ill, or protecting them from danger. All these little things only prove that a mother’s love is not merely a word, but an act that is constant and unwavering.

NIDO®3+5+, the toddler expert and #1 Ally of Filipino moms, supports moms in nurturing a healthy future for their toddlers. They know and understand the joys and struggles of parenting toddlers and that there is no manual for motherhood. And because of that, NIDO®3+5+ honors all moms as #1 Moms. 

In a world where mothers carry a backpack of weight and ambivalence on their shoulders, they need a dependable partner who will not only hear them out but also pat them on the back and assure them that they’re doing a good job. 

“You’re My #1,” three decades later

Being a mom has never been an easy task thus, on Mother’s Day, NIDO®3+5+ raised its (milk) glasses for all doting—and even doubting—moms, saluting their selflessness, strength, and resilience. And to endlessly celebrate the noble role that mothers play in the lives of their families, NIDO®3+5+ recently released a fresh take on the iconic You’re My Number One jingle, this time, mashed up with Alamid’s “Your Love”

With lyrics that go: “You’re the one that I can’t wait to see | Look at you hon. More than words I feel your love | Can you feel my love. Protecting me | I’ll protect you always…”.  

Blending these two iconic songs together perfectly paints a clear picture that whatever kind of mom you are, NIDO®3+5+ recognizes the way you love unconditionally. 

Mother’s Day, the NIDO way

As an ally of most moms for over 50 years, NIDO®3+5+ turned the spotlight on all the “she-roes” of the family and treated moms to a special surprise as it launched an on-ground Mother’s Day event held recently at the Glorietta 4 Activity Grounds.  The event honored every type of mom, and gave them time to feel refreshed, and energized, and get all the special pampering—plus exciting games and prizes—which they enjoyed with the whole family.  

During this meaningful and multi-faceted event, NIDO®3+5+ officially released the new jingle mash-up (NIDO’s iconic jingle “You’re My Number 1” and Alamid’s hit song, “Your Love”) to celebrate the enduring impact of the song, while also giving moms the chance to shine.  Moms also had the opportunity to have their children try the new ready-to-drink NIDO NutriSnax, a tasty and nutritious fun drink which toddlers loved. 

One of the most awaited parts of the event was when NIDO®3+5+ showed a two-minute film (which the brand first released online) that highlighted how moms usually express their unspoken unconditional love. This heartwarming film—comprising of raw and unfiltered video clips—captured the struggles and joys of motherhood and further proved that even when no mom is perfect, they have many ways of saying ‘I love you’ to their children.  Staying up to read a bedtime story ten times over is an “I love you”.  Or letting them explore outdoors and allowing them to get a bit dirty.  And so is investing in the right nutrition for their age and giving them age-appropriate milk like NIDO®3+5+ for total protection.

In a world where actions speak louder than words, a mother’s love is seen clearly and felt deeply.  Thus, while it’s no longer Mother’s Day, Mommies, Nanay, Mama, and Eomma, should be celebrated as #1 moms everyday just like they are in the hearts of every toddler they love. Salute to every child’s #1!

NIDO® 3+ and 5+ are not breast milk substitutes but grow-up milks specially suited for 3 years old and above. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible. You may also view the newest You’re MY #1 jingle on TikTok and Facebook to know more about the Total expert protection of NIDO® 3+ and 5+, you may check out at https://www.parenteam.com.ph/brand/NIDO. Follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

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