A look into the astrology charts of Philippine presidents

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Astrology of Philippine presidents
Art by Mikiyo Ricamora

From fiery revolutionaries to diplomatic peacemakers, we look at the leaders who shaped the nation through a zodiac lens


“As above, so below.” This is a saying often used in astrology that posits that the stars can affect the humans who walk the Earth—this applies to Philippine presidents, too.

Astrology is complex, and sun signs merely scratch the surface as every person has their own moon, Mercury, Venus, and more. Not all traits are universal to all signs and ultimately, everyone is a mix of positive and negative, with some signs more evolved than others.

But these astrological factors might just reveal some fascinating parallels, with a bird’s eye view of each Philippine president’s track record in history that might just make you believe in astrology and the power of the stars.


1. Emilio Aguinaldo: Aries, born March 22, 1869

Philippine president Emilio Aguinaldo

The Aries Ram’s fiery passion burned bright in Aguinaldo, as one of the key players in the 1896 revolution that freed the Philippines from Spanish rule in 1898. As the first president of the new republic, his zeal was hard to match—but some argue it led him down a darker path. 

There is often debate if Aguinaldo should be remembered in history as a hero, traitor, murderer, or politician. The directness of his Aries self allegedly prompted him to order the executions of rivals like Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna, who are celebrated as key military heroes in the revolution. This move also secured his command against American forces, with a courage more like “audacity” that shows the ram’s headstrong spirit.

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2. Manuel L. Quezon: Leo, born August 19, 1878

Philippine president Manuel Quezon

Embodying the lion’s regal nature, Quezon cut a charismatic, often charming, figure as the Commonwealth’s first president from 1935 to 1944, after removing his term limits as president, until his death. His proactive leadership paved the way for Philippine independence from the United States through the Tydings-McDuffie Act. True to his Leo traits, Quezon embraced the spotlight, indulging in romantic dalliances and forging a flamboyant reputation. Yet he also demonstrated the lion’s protective instincts, welcoming Jewish refugees and nurturing economic growth.


3. Ferdinand Marcos: Virgo, born September 11, 1917

Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos

The critical, analytical traits of Virgo shone through former president and dictator Marcos’ rise to power, becoming the 10th president in 1965, serving for 21 years until 1986. Initially praised for economic progress and stability, his regime descended into a brutal dictatorship fueled by corruption and extravagance. With the Virgo’s attention to detail and excellent oration skills, he ruled as dictator under martial law for nearly a decade—from 1972 to 1981 under his Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (New Society Movement) campaign. 

Let’s face it: Virgos can be scary and while extremely intelligent, they can go to extreme lengths to protect their “perfect” image. One can speculate that the Virgo tendency towards perfectionism drove Marcos to falsify his heroic war records and consolidate control through the violence of martial law. Ultimately, he and his wife Imelda received the world record of plundering $5 to 10 billion (which was removed from Guinness a few weeks before the 2022 election of his son, Bongbong Marcos) which reflected an extreme perversion of the Virgo’s pragmatic side.


4. Corazon Aquino: Aquarius, born January 25, 1933

Philippine president Cory Aquino

After being thrust into the presidency in 1986 following her husband Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.’s assassination, this accidental leader embraced the Aquarian spirit of humanitarian idealism. Toppling the Marcos regime through the iconic, peaceful People Power Revolution, Aquino ushered in a period of reform and democracy. Though criticized for lacking experience, she did declare to the world “I am a simple housewife.” 

Her resoluteness in drafting a new constitution demonstrated the air sign’s clarity of vision: to limit the powers of the presidency and cronyism. Also an activist at heart, Aquino championed human rights and peace talks to resolve the Moro conflict.

Her economic policies focused on forging good economic standing among the international community as well as disestablishing Marcos-era crony capitalist monopolies, emphasizing the free market and responsible economy. Her administration pursued peace talks to resolve the Moro conflict, resulting in the creation of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

While she was not able to fully address poverty in six years, which is one of the biggest criticisms of her presidency, she restored democracy with the open-mindedness, humanitarian, and altruistic traits of Aquarius.


5. Fidel Ramos: Pisces, born March 18, 1928

Philippine president Fidel Ramos

The dreamy, imaginative nature of Pisces seemed an unlikely fit for this former military man. Ramos was credited for renewing confidence in the Philippine economy during his six-year term, as the country experienced steady economic growth. While he was associated with the Marcos admin for many years, he broke away during the 1986 People Power Revolution. 

He was known as “Steady Eddie” for his calmness under pressure, effective delegation, and astute grasp of national affairs—all of which contrast with the typical traits of a Pisces, especially as a strong military man.

Perhaps Ramos shows a different side to the water sign, which is often described as escaping from reality, but in Ramos’ case, displayed the opposite. 

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6. Joseph “Erap” Estrada: Aries, born April 19, 1937

Philippine president Erap

Another fiery Ram took center stage when actor-turned-politician Estrada occupied the palace from 1998 to 2001. Loved by the masses, his bold leadership declared an “all-out war” against Moro rebels. However, allegations of charges of plunder and perjury, cronyism, and his theatrical flair (very Aries) sparked massive protests that led to EDSA 2 and his eventual deposement as president. The corruption allegations mostly related to illegal gambling (jueteng) reveals the sign’s self-indulgent, hubris-prone underbelly. His ouster exemplified the Ram’s penchant for falling from grace as quickly as they rose.

He ran for president again in the 2010 presidential elections but was defeated by then-senator Benigno Aquino III by a wide margin. He later served as mayor of Manila for two terms, from 2013 to 2019.

Erap definitely has those bold, confident, passionate traits of an Aries that is so determined and optimistic while able to rile up enthusiasm among his followers. But he may also be sometimes a little too enthusiastic, showing the strokes of selfishness and greed as well as a whole lot of naivete. (I can say this as an Aries myself.)

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7. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo “GMA:” Aries, born April 5, 1947

Philippine president GMA

Is the fiery spring spirit simply drawn to presidential power? GMA’s economic acumen and professorial roots contradict the typical brazen Aries persona. Yet her tenure from 2001 to 2010 showcased flashes of the Ram’s relentless ambition—from her surprising rise after Estrada’s ouster to controversies like “Hello Garci” and charges of electoral sabotage that demonstrated a fierce will to retain control. GMA was granted hospital arrest due to life-threatening health conditions, although was later acquitted. 

While brilliant, her policies faced criticism for being overly authoritarian at times, emblematic of an Aries’ potential for inflexibility. To repeat the Aries traits again, GMA embodies the sign’s personality of being a little too ambitious and a little too competitive. 


8. Benigno “Noynoy” or “Pnoy” Aquino III: Aquarius, born February 8, 1960

Philippine president noyNoy Aquino

Upholding his mother’s democratizing legacy, Noynoy too channeled signature Aquarian ideals during his 2010 to 2016 presidency. He projected a reserved, intellectual demeanor while asserting brave Philippine sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea through arbitration against China. 

Under Aquino, the country’s GDP was one of the fastest growing in the world, at the highest rate in decades, often described as a “Rising Tiger” economy.

Though faulted for naive trust in allies like suspended police chief Alan Purisima and the botched Mamasapano clash, his human rights-oriented reforms exemplified the air sign’s humanitarian bent, with efforts to promote respect of human rights, democracy, free speech, and press freedom, with an approach that encouraged transparent, inclusive governance.


9. Rodrigo Duterte: Aries, born March 28, 1945

Philippine president Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte’s blunt, crass, rhetoric, and iron-fisted policies perfectly captured the archetypal Aries energy in his presidency from 2016 to 2022. His relentless war on drugs through extrajudicial killings reflected the Ram’s boldness taken to an extreme. His war on drugs saw thousands of vigilante killings and Oplan Tokhang, where police and barangay officials swarmed and often killed suspected drug addicts without due process.

Love him or hate him, the former Davao mayor’s confrontational and populist leadership style projected the courage (or reckless impulsivity) that defines the fire sign. His “independent” foreign policy pivoting towards China and Russia also demonstrated the Aries’ propensity for spontaneous, dramatic course changes—and also some unwise, ethically questionable recklessness.

If any president could exemplify the stereotype of the Aries zodiac sign, it’s Duterte. Aries lives to fight, and this fire is seen in both his policies and rhetoric. Despite all these, he ended his term with a high approval rating.

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10. Bongbong  Marcos (BBM): Virgo, born September 13, 1957

Philippine president Bongbong Marcos

Following in his father’s footsteps, BBM’s victorious 2022 presidential campaign showcased classic Virgo qualities. From his measured rhetoric and promised economic revival to the meticulous online mythmaking that whitewashed his family’s kleptocratic past, Marcos Jr.’s brand embodied Virgo’s obsession with crafting an impeccable public image. 

With big promises, only time will tell if his administration’s quest for systematic “perfection” veers towards the pragmatic reformer or tyrannical overreach that this mutable earth sign can manifest.


No one is truly an embodiment of their sun signs, although a lot of their astrological traits at a glance could seem to point to them. 

Some intriguing trends emerge with Philippine presidents: 

Isn’t it strange how we have both presidents and their children sharing the same zodiac signs? Cory and Noynoy Aquino as idealistic Aquarians? The meticulous Virgo father-and-son Marcoses?

Meanwhile, the fiery, audacious Aries energy is manifested in nearly all presidents facing controversies over corruption or power-hungry tendencies, specifically Aguinaldo, Arroyo, Estrada, and Duterte.

History remains a staunch, objective critic (we hope). And while zodiac signs hardly define nor excuse these polarizing historical figures, their alignments at birth may just hint at the cosmic forces that shaped their paths to power.

Ultimately, the celestial bodies can only reveal so much. As spiritual teachings remind us, we all have free will to chart our own destinies. Whether the Philippine presidents embodied their astrology sun signs or transcended them, their choices and actions have written the chapters of our national narrative. 

The future remains unwritten while raising the question, who will be the next cosmic player on the Philippine political stage?

The author has completed a course with New York City astrologer Rebecca Gordon. All photos from INQUIRER.net.

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