Modern living done easy: Making the most of space with LG Objet WashTower™

OCTOBER 27, 2022

In the rhythm of modern life, where every moment counts, the journey to home marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Parents return weary yet fulfilled from their day’s endeavors, while children come bounding in, brimming with stories of their adventures. As they shed their well-worn attire, each garment carries the tale of the day’s triumphs and challenges, awaiting its turn in the laundry.

A Sanctuary of Tranquility: Your Laundry Space

Step into your laundry room and immediately feel at ease with the LG Objet WashTower. Surround yourself with a serene ambiance as nature-inspired hues envelop the space, infusing your home with calm. The tones of green and beige seamlessly merge with your interior design, elevating your laundry area into a masterpiece.

LG Objet WashTower

The LG Objet WashTower™ seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, boasting a sleek one-body design that enhances any laundry room. Despite its compact size, measuring only 660mm x 600mm x 1655mm (L x W x H), it maximizes space efficiency without compromising performance. The central control panel provides effortless access to both the washer and dryer controls, making laundry management a breeze.

Embrace Innovation with LG Objet WashTower™

Enter the LG Objet WashTower™, a beacon of innovation and sophistication in the realm of home appliances. With its seamless fusion of style, intelligence, and performance, the WashTower™ heralds a new era of laundry care, promising unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and elegance.

LG Objet WashTower

With the LG Objet WashTower™, laundry transcends mere chore and becomes an experience in luxury and innovation. Its sleek design and innovative features distinguish it, making it the ideal addition to any contemporary home.

In a fast-paced world, consumers seek more than just functionality from their appliances. They desire products that resonate with their individual tastes and preferences.

This is where the Objet Collection excels, by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated design, LG offers discerning customers the opportunity to transform their homes into spaces of unparalleled elegance and efficiency.

Experience the difference with the LG Objet WashTower™ and discover a new standard of laundry care. From its intuitive controls to its sleek aesthetics, every aspect of this product is designed to enhance your daily routine and elevate your lifestyle.

Technological Symphony: Powering Your Laundry Experience

At the heart of the LG Objet WashTower™ lies a symphony of cutting-edge technologies. Powered by AI Direct Drive technology, it adapts to your laundry needs, ensuring exceptional cleaning performance while preserving the integrity of your garments. Smart Pairing™ technology synchronizes washing and drying cycles with a simple touch, while the Prepare to Dry feature streamlines your laundry routine, delivering impeccable results in record time.

Marrying Form and Functionality

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the LG Objet WashTower™ marries form and function seamlessly. Take control of your laundry routine with the LG ThinQ™ app, which grants you access to intelligent laundry management right at your fingertips. The LG Objet WashTower intelligently syncs washing and drying cycles, ensuring optimal results at the touch of a button. Seize command of your laundry experience with unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Revel in the whisper-quiet operation and unwavering performance, all supported by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

LG Objet WashTower

Additionally, the Prepare to Dry feature enables you to complete the entire washing and drying process in as little as one hour for small loads, saving you valuable time and effort. Bid farewell to long hours spent on laundry and welcome more quality time with loved ones. Its intelligent features and efficient operation allow you to accomplish more in less time, enabling you to focus on what truly matters.

Efficiency Redefined: Every Detail Matters

Efficiency lies at the heart of the LG Objet WashTower’s design. TurboWash™ 360 ensures thorough cleaning in minutes without compromising fabric protection. The DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ Dryer offers energy-saving drying capabilities, while the Auto Cleaning Condenser eliminates maintenance hassle with its self-cleaning functionality.

As evidence of LG’s dedication to innovation and worldwide appeal, the Objet Collection is poised to reshape the landscape of home appliances. It lays the groundwork for a new era where consumers can embrace the seamless integration of functionality, design, and personal expression, all encapsulated within the LG Objet Collection.

Elevate Your Home with LG Objet WashTower™

Why settle for the ordinary when you have the opportunity to embrace the extraordinary? Step into a realm defined by style, performance, and innovation with the LG Objet WashTower—where every laundry cycle becomes an immersive experience, and every laundry space evolves into a masterpiece of efficiency and sophistication.

Renew your laundry journey and rediscover the essence of Life’s Good with LG. For more information about the Objet WashTower and its features, visit LG Philippines or follow @LGPhilippines on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok for updates. You can also find LG products at authorized dealers nationwide, both in-store and online. Explore LG’s Official Flagship Stores on Lazada and Shopee for exclusive offers.




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