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OCTOBER 27, 2022

jinx and vi in arcane
Jinx (Ella Purnell) and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) in Arcane Season 2 | Photo from Riot Games/Netflix

The story of Vi and Jinx ends with ‘Arcane’ Season 2 but not for ‘League of Legends’ adaptations



A new trailer for the second season of “Arcane” teases the imminent climax of the Piltover-Zaun war. 

It opens with the aftermath of Jinx’s attack on Piltover at the end of season one. With several casualties—many, if not all of significant importance to the city—Piltover goes on the offensive and strikes Zaun with three objectives: apprehend Jinx, find Silco, and destroy Shimmer.

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The trailer goes on to show Vi and Caitlyn in officer gear. The latter armed with her in-game weapon. With Jinx’s latest attack fresh in mind, Vi appears resigned to the idea that her sister is beyond saving. And with the two on a collision course that could determine the very fate of their two cities, the resulting climax will also signal the end of their story arcs and of “Arcane” as a whole.

It was announced that the upcoming second season would be the last. According to the show’s co-creator, Christian Linke, “We’ve all watched TV shows that didn’t really know when to stop. We don’t want to be one of those.”

In a separate message, Linke disclosed their ongoing partnership with Paris-based animation studio Fortiche—revealing ongoing efforts in bringing other “League of Legends” characters to life in both television and film.

It is undoubtedly a surprising move for a franchise that found both critical and commercial success. Yet, “League of Legends” is far more than Piltover and Zaun. Its universe is chock-full of storylines to explore and adapt. 

While there are nine remaining regions and hundreds of stories in between to choose from, the likely direction Riot Games will take brings viewers to the warring kingdoms of Demacia and Noxus. 

Why, you say? First, Noxus was already teased towards the end of “Arcane” season one. The introduction of Noxian ambassador Ambessa Medara affirmed the region’s existence in the “Arcane” universe—the only ones to have been given such exposure. Is it a foregone conclusion? Absolutely not, but it’s a trail of breadcrumbs the show creators have intentionally left. 

It’s also a specific corner in the “League of Legends” universe full of interesting stories: a righteous kingdom defending itself from invaders that is also facing threats of revolution, and a power-seeking expansionist unknowingly ruled by primordial forces from the shadows. Interesting, yes. Will it be better than “Arcane?” Time will tell.

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