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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There are many types of dreams. One of the most often discussed and written about are dreams of future events that come true. This type of dream is called “psychic” or “precognitive” dream.

Less often discussed are dreams about what is actually happening in reality or which has already happened but is unknown to the dreamer. I can recall at least four such dreams I have had since 1979 which show that dreams are reflections of physical waking reality.

Ongoing robbery

In July 1979, we transferred from Sta. Ana, Manila, to Tahanan Village, Parañaque. Our house was not yet fully painted nor furnished and the windows had no curtains and therefore we could be partly seen from the outside.

We were in that new house for only nine months when for several days I felt we were being watched. On the night or early morning when the robbers decided to strike, I felt very uneasy while working in my library in the ground floor. Whereas I normally would go up to sleep about 11 p.m., I went up about 9 p.m. and told my wife, Yoly, that I felt very strange, as if something would happen but didn’t know what it was.

Nevertheless, I fell asleep. At about 1 a.m. I was dreaming that there were robbers who entered our house and were carrying away my tape recorders, typewriter and other appliances.

Suddenly, I heard someone banging on our master bedroom’s wall which was adjoining the children’s room.

I jumped up and was told that my 10-year-old son Jolan, who was going to the toilet across the corridor, said there was a shirtless man going up the stairs.

When he saw my son, the robber panicked and rushed out of the house; we heard another scampering out. I ran after them (which on hindsight was a dangerous idea) but I did not catch them. The robber was going after the TV set in our room when my son saw him.

They forced their way through the back door which was dark. They were able to get my electric typewriter, radio, cassette tape recorder, camera and other small items. We reported the incident to the security guards of the village but of course, nothing happened.

The robbers were gone when the security guards came. Police investigation which followed showed no clue of who did it, except that they must have hidden under the tall grasses near the peripheral wall of the village. You see, there were very few houses yet in that village at that time.

What was most unusual about this incident are the following:

1.     I dreamt of being robbed at a time it was happening.

2.     I felt uneasy and worried on the night they decided to strike.

3.     I felt we were being watched a few days before that.

Dreams are either symbolic or literal. My dreams are sometimes literal, and at other times symbolic.

Dream of naked friend

In 1979, I had a dream of a very close female friend whom we shall call Annabelle. I remember that was a Friday evening. I saw her standing completely naked on a carpeted floor, holding a glass of wine in her right hand. I could see also that she was standing near a bar in that house.

This woman, who had a master’s degree in Statistics, was at that time teaching in a Catholic university in Manila. She and I became very close friends and had gone out several times together. She was a very open-minded and completely liberated woman, a sort of rebel against conventional behavior and morality. So my dream of her being naked was not farfetched.

The succeeding Monday, when I had a chance to talk to her, I asked her if she was in a house Friday evening drinking wine. She asked me how I knew it and I told her that I dreamt of her standing naked holding a glass of wine that Friday. She confessed that what I saw in my dream was completely true. She slept in a male friend’s house that evening and before that they were drinking wine and, yes, she stood there near the bar completely naked.

I theorized that maybe the reason I saw her naked was that she was not embarrassed to be seen naked by me. She was very comfortable with her femininity. If she were not that open and at home with me, I would not have dreamt of her in such an intimate moment without clothes.

There is psychic protection also in that realm.

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