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OCTOBER 27, 2022

While going about our regular routine at home and in the office, we go through our actions almost mindlessly, as if by rote.

We can walk, jog, or run through life—the pace is entirely up to us, isn’t it? But while we are doing it, we should be aware.

Mind experts like my friend, Jimmy Licauco, call it mindful awareness, the art of being an observer of our own selves. You might ask, what does this have to do with wellness? Actually, everything. Every action we make is ruled by a decision—to eat, exercise, sleep, laugh, cry, love, dream, or not.

This is where true wellness begins—the journey that begins with the first step of awareness. And even the act of not acting on anything is also an action. Being aware of our decision making process will ultimately prompt us to make wiser choices.

Thus, every time we decide “to decide,” know and actually visualize that you are watching yourself. In this way, it will be much easier to make a judgement call between a bowlful of fresh greens and a bowlful of halo-halo. What practical health-conscious dieters do is this: they learn to compromise with themselves by making concessions. Here is the internal dialogue: “If you eat the dessert and ignore the veggies, you will send yourself on a guilt trip. So, give in a little to your sweet cravings, but finish your greens first.”

Sometimes the inner conversation can become audible. So if you catch someone standing before a restaurant buffet talking to himself/herself, show a little understanding. Negotiations are ongoing! These are two best wellness tips I can give you: 1) observe yourself, and 2) talk to yourself.

Body talk

This is a timeless piece of knowledge: your body talks to you. So, learn, listen, and respond to its message. Not a minute passes by when your body does not talk. Question is, are you listening? Every ache and pain is a sign for you to simply pay attention.

Maybe you have grown insensitive to your body. Here is a tactile exercise:

Sit comfortably in a quiet corner of your room.

Be still for three minutes.

Slowly run your right hand over your left arm, from fingertips to the neck. Then repeat on the right arm.

Now with two hands, cup your face, and feel the warmth of your hands. Close your eyes.

You have now connected with your body.

Warming oil regimen

Place ½ tsp of virgin coconut oil on your open palms. Place your palms together. Rub gently. You are warming the oil with your body heat. Once warmed, place both hands on your face and massage with upward stroked. Now rest your palms on your face for 30 seconds. Your own warmth will open up your pores to absorb this super-rich moisturizing oil completely.

Heart to heart

It’s about time you had a heart-to-heart talk with yourself.

Perhaps your busy life has robbed you of this precious opportunity. Find some time to do this. It will empower you, and with it, give you a new sense of freedom. This is so, because as human beings we tend to judge ourselves too harshly. So, try practicing a little kindness on yourself.

Write a tell-all and wish-all list for yourself. Contemplate each item on your list, whether it be a disappointment or a delight. Once you’re gone through your list, forgive yourself for your own shortcomings and congratulate yourself for exceeding your expectations. And promise yourself two things: 1) to never let yourself down again, and 2) to praise yourself for every accomplishment.

Mood lifters

Spice up your day or night with this stimulating yet soothing tea. Great for calming your tummy and driving away your chills. Ingredients:

One tea bag of your favorite blend (peppermint, black oolong, white tea)

2 stalks of fresh lemongrass

3 slices of regular ginger

2 tsp. raw wild honey

3 glasses of water

Boil the water, lemongrass, and ginger for 5 minutes, and allow tea bag to steep for 3 minutes. Add honey. Allow to cool slightly. Place in blender with five ice cubes.

Today’s affirmation: “I am one, I am whole.”

Love and light!