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OCTOBER 27, 2022

While people accept skincare products to be expensive, they still balk when hair-care products cost over P1,000. Well there is one investment at P4,950 that is so worth your hair while being beneficial as well to your skin—Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System.

I wish this was around when I was growing up in places like Baguio or the beach where the water left me with wiry, dull hair weighed down by build-up. This filter is easily attached to your shower. How did this come about?

After 20 years of styling the hair of celebrities, models, and everyday clients around the world, Jonathan realized the difference pure, filtered spring water could make on brittle, damaged hair and dry skin.

Often advising his clients to shampoo with bottled water before an important photo shoot, Jonathan Antin felt that water is essential to beautiful hair and skin, hence the use of Essential Water in every bottle of Jonathan Product.

Now, with his Beauty Water Shower System, you can have pH balanced water that is free of chlorine, heavy metals and harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). You can enjoy increased softness, shine and manageability, while maintaining the overall health and color of your hair.

The exclusive, patented two-stage Beauty Water Shower Purification System uses one of the highest grade filters to change ordinary shower water into pure, pH-balanced water that is free of hair stripping, skin damaging chemicals and metals. It’s like showering in natural spring water. And it is so easy to install.

Benefits: It enhances pH balance, softens the hair and skin, helps preserve hair color, and increases shine and manageability of the hair. Its filter operates on a regulated flow of 2.5 gallons per minute. Filter lasts three to six months.

Personal results: My hair is shinier, more manageable, with zero dandruff. Hair fall cut down by at least half. As for the skin aspect, it is heaven-sent for babies or anyone who has very sensitive skin. There will be less irritation, acne breakouts and itching from excessive dryness.


Other hair products

I have been due for a haircut and keratin treatment for quite some time now, but whenever it rains I have this fear of getting stranded in the street during a flash flood so I stay home. My hair ends looked fried due to frequent washing with oily hair shampoo abuse. Well, there are two fairly inexpensive products sent to me that have been tiding me over whether I am stuck at home or travelling so I can’t bring my filter with me.

Watson’s Pure Beauty Hair Care Line with Japanese Camellia Seed Oil consists of a treatment shampoo, treatment conditioner, hair mask to be used once a week for intensive nourishing, and hair essence water.

For daytime I wash my scalp with my oily hair shampoo and limit the use of the conditioner to keep the strands shiny and manageable. I usually perspire a lot so I at least have to wash my hair at least another time before hitting my bed to sleep. For my second or at times third wash of the day I use the treatment shampoo and conditioner and this ensures sleek straight shiny hair for me at all times.

My favorite of the line is the Essence water which tames flyaway hair, frizz and dryness of strands. I have taken to using it as a night serum for hair as well. I spray on to clean towel dried hair before sleeping and wake up to a shiny veil of satin that is resistant to hair breakage.

Pantene 3-minute treatment. This is a must-have in my suitcase when I am travelling. Hair Salons are very expensive abroad so this saves me a lot in terms of having to come in for treatment and blow-dry.

With cold weather and airplane environment draining all moisture leading to static cling and hair that breaks easily, substituting this for my regular conditioner after every flight ensures strong manageable locks.

Tip: Coat shower dampened strands with this on the beach to protect from the salt water and harsh sun. Post-beach hair damage will be kept to a minimum.

Jonathan Products are available at Rustan’s. Pure Beauty is exclusive to Watson’s and SM Beauty.

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