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Lose inches fast to a greater body

Bodivance is available in 80 ml bottles and 5 ml sachets at these specialty stores: Chris Sports, Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, Sports Warehouse, R.O.X., Runnr, Second Wind, The Brick, A Runner’s Circle & All Terra Cyclery.

MANILA, Philippines – Discover Bodivance thermogenic accelerator cream that allows you to lose inches, fast. It enhances heat production and increases blood circulation on slow-to-respond areas that retain fatty deposits such as the arms, tummy and thighs, to ensure that fat is being burned.

The Low Down on Stubborn Fat Areas

Studies have shown that men and women will naturally accumulate fat on different parts of their bodies. Men in their stomachs and lower back; while women, on their arms, thighs and buttocks. This is because the fat cells exist in these areas and cannot be removed. They merely deflate when their reserves are used and blow up when they store fat again. With age and slower metabolism, it becomes harder to maintain an ideal body shape.

It was observed that during exercise, fatty tissue areas get cooler, not hotter because fat is a poor conductor of heat. Meanwhile, blood flows from the fatty tissue areas to those areas with exercising muscles. Since fat cannot be metabolized without blood flow, these fatty tissue areas will remain.

Target Problem Areas with Bodivance

Bodivance is an all-natural formulation that creates a thermogenic effect on the applied areas to increase blood circulation and energy to exercising muscles. This effect helps to speed up metabolic rate and calorie burn.

Through increased blood circulation and vasodilation to the targeted areas, Bodivance helps the body to metabolize and mobilize free fatty acids from fatty deposit areas to the exercising muscles where they are needed, resulting in a well-toned you.

Use BODIVANCE whenever, wherever

The purple/black patches on the thermal images show that an average female typically has poor circulation in her arms, thighs and buttocks while a male has poor circulation in his stomach and lower back areas. These areas correspond to typical fatty deposits and must be activated during exercise in order to mobilize and metabolize fat.

This thermogenic accelerator cream can be used under workout clothing, in a sauna, and also while swimming. It can also be used as a massage cream for muscle relief after intense exercise.

If Bodivance is used for exercise, apply a thin layer to desired areas without rubbing into the skin. If Bodivance is used as a massage cream after workouts, massage thoroughly into the skin and knead the muscles under the skin to accelerate blood circulation. To remove, simply towel off and shower or wash with soap.

When using Bodivance for the first time, remove tab on the nozzle and pump several times to activate the vacuum, until cream dispenses from the nozzle.