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Freddie Garcia off brand

During his decade-long reign as the idolized president-CEO of ABS-CBN, Freddie Garcia made his mark as hit maker as well as hit-man with the distaff side. When we bumped into him recently, he said he was a confirmed retiree. But does that include retirement from his lady-killer days?

“No, of course not,” cackles the ever suave Freddie.

So, how come we don’t hear about it like we used to all the time?

“Because,” he beams, “I have gone generic. These days, I don’t go for brand names. So, there’s no talk, no gossip there.

How does he pick out the generic from the brand names?

The Freddie test: He asks his intended (conquest) about the Birkin bag. Does she know what it is?

“If she says, what’s that? I go ahead,” Freddie says within earshot of the love of his life, his wife, the lovely Gloria Dominguez. She laughs the loudest!