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Aubrey Miles as Modern Family’s Gloria Pritchett

LIKE GLORIA Pritchett, Aubrey Miles is one hot mama. But she doesn’t get to see much of Gloria—or the rest of the cast of Modern Family. “Troy loves that show. Pero usually with my kids, I end up watching cartoons. Nonstop na Elmo, nonstop na Sesame Street.”

Mom to 10-year-old John Maurie and two-year-old Hunter Cody, Aubrey says her parenting style is strict while her partner Troy Montero loves spoiling the kids. “I’m a disciplinarian. Ako yung bad cop. Pero hindi ako namamalo. Mahilig ako sa “No!”

Aubrey is very hands-on when it comes to her kids. “With my first son kasi, for five years straight I was working tapos narealize ko, “Oh my god ang laki na niya.” So I’m making sure now na nakikita ko yung development nila.”

No matter how busy they get during the week, weekends are for family time. “On weekends, we go to the mall or we check into a hotel, overnight kami dun, swimming lang. Gumigimik kami ni Troy on a Friday, that’s our time for each other, pero  kahit umaga na kami umuwi, pag Saturday kailangan lumabas kami with the kids.”

Aubrey’s Survivor stint was extra-hard because the reality TV show took her away from her children. “Yun yung first time ko na nalayo ako sa kanila for almost two months.”

When she came home, her younger son, who was almost two at that time, didn’t recognize her. “Sobrang itim ko, hindi niya ako nakilala. For three days umiiyak siya, ayaw niya ako sa bed. Pinapaalis ako. Sa floor ako natulog for three days, buti na lang carpeted yung floor.”

Aubrey spent three days wooing her son. “Inaamo-amo ko siya, ginagawa ko yung usual na ginagawa namin, read books, nagkekwento ako sa kanya. Tapos nung third day na, tinatawag na niya akong “Mommy” so kilala na niya ako.”

Hunter is too young but Aubrey says her 10-year-old understands what she does for a living. “He was about 7 or 8 when he realized that I was an actress. Proud na proud siya. Gusto niya ako susundo sa kanya sa school, ayaw niyang driver.”

Aubrey says being a mom gives her the best of both worlds. “I can still go out with my friends, with my partner and I don’t feel old. We can party and have fun but we’re also excited to go home kasi may naghihintay. Proud ako maging mom, na maintain ko yung sarili ko, yung katawan ko, yung pagiging sociable ko sa ibang tao. Hindi ako, “No I can’t kasi may anak na ako.” Hindi ako ganun. Proud ako sa sarili ako na may anak ako pero ganito yung itsura ko and mentality ko.”

Aubrey says she is inspired by the other moms in her life. “My lola, 13 yung anak niya. And everyone’s so respectable. Walang hindi maayos yung buhay. And my mom, nasurvive niya yung separation with my dad. And yung sister ko, she gives birth every year. She has five kids na, she’s in the States, walang yaya pero kaya niya.”

She has a lot of dreams for her sons. “To stay in school talaga. Ako natapos ko lang third year college. Yung second son ko, I want him to be an athlete. Kung anong gusto niya, pero kung papipiliin lang ako, gusto ko siya maging professional tennis player or professional basketball player or any sport na pwede sa Olympics. Yung first son ko naman mahilig siya sa computer. Magaling siya magswimming.”

Post-Survivor, Aubrey has been busy with her endorsements and her business. “I’m the new endorser of Wranco jeans. This May, we’re launching Dra. Belo’s Sexy Solutions, it’s a nonsurgical clinic. Yung business ko, yung pawn shop, keeps me busy too.” She, Troy and Hunter are also endorsers of Shobra, a department store in Dubai.

Despite juggling her responsibilities, Aubrey makes sure she has time to stay in shape. “I go to Gold’s Gym twice a week, I go to my salon, Hair Shaft. I also play tennis.”