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OCTOBER 27, 2022

No Doubt

No Doubt fans rejoice: the band is back with its first single in 10 years.

THE UPTEMPO song, called “Settle Down,” was released a few days ago with a fun music video directed by Sophie Muller, who also directed the videos for old No Doubt favorites “Don’t Speak” and “Simple Kind of Life.” The single will be part of “Push and Shove,” the album they’re releasing in September.

“Settle Down” is classic No Doubt—it’s like they never stopped making music. We loved the song so much that we were inspired to bust out our old Tragic Kingdom record.

It’s great to see Gwen Stefani back in action. The band hasn’t aged, and the sound is still the same No Doubt sound we’ve always loved. We’re so glad No Doubt’s back.

Check out “Settle Down” at

Eat Bulaga—Jakarta version

No Doubt

INDONESIANS can now enjoy their own version of “Eat Bulaga.” The Indonesian franchise of the show kicked off last Monday on the Surya Citra Televisi network and features their own version of Bulagaan, One For All, All For One and Pinoy Henyo, which they call Indonesia Pintar.

They even have their own “Bossing” Vic Sotto, who they call “Boss Uya.”

And it’s a trip to hear their version of the Eat Bulaga theme song that we grew up with.

Pretty cool.

Jeremiah McDonald talks to his 12-year-old self

ACTOR/filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald racked up YouTube hits with his brilliant video “Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self.”

Eat Bulaga—Jakarta version

“I think I’d like to talk to myself in the future,” said 12-year-old Jeremiah.

And that’s exactly what he did.

His 32-year-old self made that possible by cutting together VHS footage of his chubbier, younger self and clips of his present self, producing an entertaining video that’s barely four minutes long.

Some excerpts:

“You look different.”
“No sh*t.”

“Is Molly still alive?”
“Is Molly still… no, dogs don’t live that long.”

Eat Bulaga—Jakarta version

“What about Leon?”
“Are all your questions gonna be about pets?”

The video, as short as it may be, is heartwarming, funny and is pure genius. You’ll be left wishing you thought of doing the same thing.

Find the video on YouTube. You can find Jeremiah on

Rabid ‘Dark Knight’ fans

WE GET it—they’re excited about The Dark Knight Rises. We’re excited too. But some fans took their excitement and devotion to Batman to a whole new level, by attacking the few critics who had less than stellar reviews on the aggregating website

As a result, the popular site had to shut down their user comments for the first time ever. Rotten Tomatoes’ editor-in-chief Matt Atchity said, “It just got to be too much hate based on reactions to reviews of movies that people hadn’t even seen.”

Jeremiah McDonald talks to his 12-year-old self

Despite the few negative reviews, The Dark Knight Rises continues to score high with critics, with an 87% rating as of press time.

Goodbye, Haägen-Dazs

JUST when we realized that they brought back their cookie dough flavor, which we’ve missed for a long time, Haägen-Dazs dropped the bombshell. They’re pulling out of the country, with all cafes closing by the end of August and supermarket sales coming to a halt in September. Why, ice cream gods, why? And on top of that, other General Mills brands like Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and Gold Medal will only be found in stores until supplies last.

Most supermarkets are currently selling Haägen-Dazs products at 50 percent off.

We have two months left to eat all the macadamia nut ice cream and crispy sandwiches we want.

Pride and Prejudice and… Christian Grey?

ZOMBIES are one thing. But thanks (or no thanks) to publisher Total E-Bound, some of literature’s greatest classics have been given a 50 Shades of Grey makeover. That means your beloved old books—from Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice to Wuthering Heights and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea—will get a big dose of steamy love scenes.

The bastardized version of the classics will be available in e-book format. Jane Austen will not be pleased.

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