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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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When I tried the long dress I would be wearing for my dear friend Mariam Balingit’s wedding, I panicked. The evening wear was nice, but since it was cinched at the waist, I looked like I had a salvavida around my belly!


I immediately called up Nadine Tengco, a US-certified fitness nutritionist and weight-loss specialist. I recalled that she once told me she has a one- to three-day juicing program that aids in weight loss.


Thanks to her, I was soon able to fit into my dress, with a flat tummy. I also felt light and tight all over, with my arms and thighs looking “bagong masilya” —smooth, not jiggly, and devoid of cellulite. My skin also glowed—according to me! Well what matters most is that you feel good about yourself, right?


Hormonal chatter


According to Nadine, her “Back to Balance Juice Cleanse for Detox & Weight Loss” is dense with phytonutrients and ideal for jump-starting a weight-loss program or breaking a weight-loss plateau.


“The program works best after your monthly period, for the bloating to subside. Men, especially those in their 50s, also tend to bloat and can benefit from the cleansing program. It quiets the hormonal chatter and cravings, and is equally good for those who already eat healthy yet still feel bloated. It allows the body to reset itself.


“The phytonutrients in the vegetable cleansing soups aid in flushing, while the antioxidants in the detox juices aid in reducing inflammation and bloating.


“Healthy leanness results from a well-functioning metabolism that can eliminate toxins; convert food into usable energy; store glucose as glycogen and excess calories as fat,” says Nadine.

“Our ability to cope with ‘toxic load’ is highly individual, but weight gain is always a sign. Thus, the health of our essential detox organs, liver and kidneys, should always be addressed as part of any good weight-loss plan.


“Rebalancing our chemistry allows the brain to switch our metabolism from fat-storing mode to fat-losing mode.”


Program duration


The cleanse lasts one to three days. One day “if you have no previous experience with fasting and want a quick flush and beauty boost and do not have time for a longer cleanse. Two to three days cleanse if you have experienced cleansing and fasting and need to make a bigger change,” adds Nadine.


“Not everyone responds in the same way. You will urinate frequently. Some have experienced bowel movements of more than usual frequency. One can go through healing crises caused by temporarily increased levels of toxins in the body due to elimination and cleansing. This is more pronounced if you typically eat a diet high in processed foods. But you will be able to go about your day normally!”


I experienced lightheadedness and headaches while on my cleansing diet. I was never weak during the fast, but I was always sleepy. I could do chores, like cook, but I couldn’t sit to write, and I could not focus.


Surprisingly, given that every bottle I consumed was green, I did not have a bum stomach. But when I finally moved, I never felt cleaner inside. If I were a cartoon with a thought bubble, the bubble would be blank!


After going through the treatment, I felt cleansed right up to the brain, literally!


Very doable


Considering that I had saltine crackers with my soup on the second day and did not follow Nadine’s suggestions such as a lymphatic massage, taking only distilled water and a couple of others that would aid me lose more, I am very happy with my detox results.


It is a program I now plan to do once a month, for a day.


Besides, the program is very doable. It lasts no more than a couple of days, and the juices taste good.


Each cleanse kit contains six bottles of various detox juices (energy blast, chili lemonade, kidney cleanse, liver detox, salad in a bottle, grasshopper), one cleansing soup, plus one tablet of papaya enzymes and five grams of ground fiber.


“Everything I know, I put into those six bottles. If they don’t work, I will retire!” says Nadine. Well, Nadine, you’re definitely not retiring anytime soon!


But the program is not for pregnant or lactating women. Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to start the program, or if you have diabetes or other chronic health problems.


“We don’t recommend doing the cleanse before the age of 16. It is safer for teens to learn healthy eating habits instead of doing a detox,” explains Nadine.


Call Food Solutions to Weight Loss at 3804413 or 0917-5841719 for details or to place your order. Nadine sends out an e-mail filled with information once you book for a cleanse.


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