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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A’KINNatural line

When I was a teenager, my mom bugged me to use moisturizer. I didn’t listen to her. But if I had a daughter now, I would do exactly the same. Since kids now are tech-savvy and they can access information easily, my daughter would know what would be best for her skin and listen.


The word affordable was never synonymous to La Prairie, but this now holds true for its Advanced Marine Biology Lifestyle. This line was made especially for those who are experiencing the first signs of aging. Its goal is to keep skin looking young as long as possible.


Personally, I love how it makes my skin feel light and young. It is also easy to apply.


ACCA Kappa Diffuser

I would highly recommend mothers to gift their daughters this line since developing a beauty routine early is good for them. (I got my husband to use the emulsion. Since the packaging is lightweight and portable, I take it along when we travel.)


Below are the various formulas and treatments of the Advanced Marine Biology Lifestyle Line.


Advanced Marine Biology Foaming Mousse Cleanser addresses that vital first step in achieving beautiful, ageless skin. This gentle, high-lathering cleanser contains a natural, coconut-derived cleansing agent that removes all traces of makeup, impurities and pollutants from the skin.


A trio of sea-sourced ingredients derived from algae prevents the loss of essential moisture and conditions the skin, providing the most receptive mode for ensuing treatments.



The sea algae-endowed power of prevention manifests itself most dramatically in Advanced Marine Biology Revitalizing Emulsion, a new-generation, triple-tasking moisturizer for the face, neck and eye zone. It’s designed for the fast-paced lifestyle of results-oriented women and men who are intent on streamlining their daily maintenance routines without sacrificing their high standards of performance.


Eye-wrinkle treatment


The thinner, more sensitive skin tissue surrounding the eyes, where signs of aging first appear, is the beneficiary of Advanced Marine Biology Eye Gel, an “entry level” treatment product in La Prairie’s expansive range of de-agers.


This cooling, smoothing gel blends both land- and sea-sourced substances to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and the accompanying feeling of puffiness.


LA PRAIRIE Advanced Marine Biology Lifestyle line

Lightweight, instantly absorbed Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF 20 hydrates the skin and helps stimulate its renewal system, while protecting it against the aging effects of free radicals and UVA and UVB rays.


In addition, a unique aquaculture complex stimulates collagen production to improve firmness and elasticity: essential elements in preserving the skin’s youthful texture and appearance.


Advanced Marine Biology Tonic is a three-phase conditioning treatment lotion. It improves the skin’s elasticity, making it brighter, more even-toned.




Another “share-worthy” line is the Purist Company’s A’kin.


A’kin products are naturally based, without animal ingredients or animal testing. I’ve been coloring my hair for years, and when I received A’kin shampoo and conditioner for dry or damaged hair, I wasn’t excited.


But I was very satisfied with the results. My hair feels clean and light and it smells good.

I was compelled to ask Denise Roco of Rustan’s what makes A’kin different.


“Akin’s sophisticated combinations of cleansers leave your hair feeling beautiful and extra clean, whilst retaining the essential natural oils and moisture,” she said. “Many other shampoos use harsh sulfate and ethoxylate cleansing agents which excessively strip the hair of its own moisture and then resurface the hair shaft with synthetic chemical coating agents in an effort to replace lost shine and body. As A’kin shampoos do not recoat the hair, a conditioner is always recommended to get the most from your wash.


Meanwhile, A’kin conditioners feature generous amounts of natural nourishing ingredients—including cold-pressed certified organic Australian-grown avocado oil, Australian macadamia oil, Australian jojoba oil and hydrolysed wheat protein (GMO free), she said.


Roco said all the ingredients are rapidly absorbed to penetrate, nourish and remoisturize each shaft of hair very effectively.


“Continuous use,” she said, “can lead to dramatic and ongoing improvements in the condition of your hair and the health of your skin and scalp.”


Organic lotion


Going green is getting easier by the minute. My friend kept raving about Delon Organic Now! Moisturizing lotion. I used it for five days straight and am now a convert. I use it right after my shower and my skin gets moisturized without feeling sticky. I also like that it doesn’t have such a strong scent. I know it won’t fight with my baby cologne.


Acca Kappa’s Muschio Bianco is one scent every man will love and every woman will love on their men. When my husband and I have to give a gift to a man, this is what we gave.


Now I think I will also start giving its diffuser! Our bathroom smells amazingly clean when I use it. I even transfer it to our room at night.

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