Please, please don’t let the ‘Ghost Fighter’ live-action suck - SCOUT

OCTOBER 27, 2022

This is it, ’90s kids. Your worst nightmare/deep-seated fantasy is coming to reality: “Ghost Fighter,” but make it live-action.

Netflix Japan broke the news today, which detailed the upcoming live-action series based on the serialized manga “Weekly Shonen Jump” and its anime adaptation “Yu Yu Hakusho” (a.k.a. “Ghost Fighter” to the 1999 GMA-viewing crowd).

For those who lived under a sad anime-deprived rock, “Ghost Fighter” revolves around high school student Yusuke Urameshi (known locally as Eugene) who gets into a fatal car accident after saving a child’s life. He passes away into the Underworld, but his past rep as a criminal complicates things for the jury of heaven and hell. Yusuke is then given a chance to be resurrected, but with a catch—he’ll become the Underworld’s official Spirit Detective.

Of course, “Ghost Fighter” stans—us included—can’t help but feel a little iffy about the series getting the live-action treatment. Anime and the real-life world have had a contentious relationship, with several of these adaptations receiving tons of backlash. After “Death Note,” “Dragonball Evolution,” “Attack on Titan” (you get the picture), it’s hard to keep our hopes up.

On the upside, there’s this: We’d probably hear the iconique chant “Tapusin!” in the inevitable Filipino dub. Well, eventually.

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Still from “Yu Yu Hakusho”

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