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Get ready for greater stardom, Jason Statham

Karma Connections by Dadhichi Toth – Week commencing Sep 30th, 2012

As if being a star isn’t enough for Jason Statham, the new cycle that has just commenced will catapult him into even greater stardom in the coming two or three years. The adverse Mars cycle is now just finishing, which could account for why he has perhaps had some issues in his personal life (which many of us may not know about).

Now that these planetary cycles are clearing, he will be able to once again focus 100 percent on his professional activities. With the Moon and Neptune closely associated at the time he was born, this also indicates to me that Jason may have some latent talent behind as well as in front of the camera.


With a full Moon influencing your relationships in a strong way, there is very little you can do to avoid being drawn into romance and other intimate epi-sodes in the coming week. With a close aspect of Uranus, however, this feel-good atmosphere can turn dramatically the opposite way. You therefore need to keep relationships on an even keel and don’t expect more than can be given by others.


This week, a full Moon means that your work and personal needs are in conflict. If the person you love most is not sensitive to this fact, it may create some emotional distance between you. There’s nothing like a good dose of communication to clear the air and to let others know exactly how you feel and what those needs are.


You can be angry at others, especially those that expect you to serve everything on a silver plate for them. Developing a mutually satisfying relationship sometimes means putting your foot down and demanding your needs are also served. This transit also refers to a workplace scenario in which you are being used as a doormat. It’s time to change all that now.


Don’t allow your imagination to dictate your opinion about someone this week.  Look at the person’s character in the light of reality. You want to expand your circle of influence and understanding so international events and current affairs will be of interest to you as the week progresses. A full Moon, being your ruler, also means you are bursting with emotion. Make sure that these feelings are well directed.


You are still feeling extremely passionate about someone but have to keep a lid on it. It is frustrating knowing how you feel but are unable to share it with someone. A go-between, possibly a mediator who knows both of you, can assist in bringing this relationship closer. For those of you who are currently in a committed relationship, mediation is also not a bad idea while the Moon is full.


Be careful of clandestine relationships or friendships which trigger suspicion or mistrust during the coming week. Keep everything above board even if you’re tempted to try something out of the ordinary. Your conscience will be strong but some of you will choose to look the other way and listen to the voice which eventually causes confusion and loss. Rise above your petty desires for now.


If you are too impulsive this week, you will regret your actions. On the other hand, procrastination causes you to lose a beautiful opportunity concerning friendship or love. As a Libran you should know all too well the meaning of balance and finding the middle path. Unfortunately, with a full Moon this week your emotions may get the better of you and a rash decision won’t ultimately be in anybody’s best interests.


Having fun is only half the fun, Scorpio. Finding someone who will be a life partner is a far cry from simply enjoying life day by day without any thought for consequences. The dilemma you are confronted with at present is that you want something long-term but at the same time may be afraid to commit. Choose your friends wisely and soulmates even more carefully.


This is the start of an absolutely wonderful cycle for many Sagittarians as Venus winds its way to the top of your horoscope. Expect a great deal more socializing, personal attractiveness, and fun socially in the coming few weeks. This will be accentuated by the full Moon, however, with Uranus at present this can even sometimes herald an unexpected, powerful new love affair.


You may not necessarily feel confident in your expression this week but you should! You have maximum impact at present and something you say will positively influence not just one but even more people. You’ll make a great impression so don’t worry about what comes out of your mouth; as long as your intentions are noble and the words are honest, you can really do no wrong.


Workplace commitments finally start to give way to some additional space and time for you, which means you can make greater efforts to reconnect with your friends and attend to loved ones. If you’ve been unavailable for a while, you may have to play catch up but that is okay, once you put your best foot forward others will be prepared to meet you more than halfway.


You’re feeling as if you’re on the verge of something great in your relationships-whether you’re in love or still single. Don’t allow your thinking to intrude too much on the natural process of life and good karma, which will shortly be yours. You can expect a new planetary cycle bringing with it a swag of newfangled friends and interesting acquaintances.

Your Karma – Q&A with Dadhichi

Hi Dadhichi,

I have big dreams for my future, including being a famous actor, business magnate, and a politician holding a national post in the government later in life. But now, I am very much discouraged given my past experiences. I am now wondering about the feasibility of my dreams. Your reply would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


G Manila

Hello G,

You are under the shadowy Dragon influence until 2018. At that point powerful Jupiter will bring with it a whole new positive cycle. You’re still young and must not feel as if life has already passed you by. Your ambitious nature is shown by your Moon’s position in Capricorn and with Saturn it also indicates you are prone to depression.  Lighten up!

Try not to think too much about the end result; rather, enjoy what you do and make each and every task a reflection of the love and perfection you are able to infuse into even your most menial tasks. I can assure you that this is the single most important component of success as attested to by many other successful and wealthy people. This is a LAW. Love what you do and you will eventually do what you love.