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OCTOBER 27, 2022

KAREN Jimeno

Karen Jimeno




KAREN Jimeno

My bedside reading list:


“Free to Choose”—This book is an inquiry into the relationship between freedom and economics by Milton Friedman and Rose Friedman. I find Friedman to be a brilliant economist, so I picked up this book.


I recently finished reading “Lords of Finance,” by Liaquat Ahamed, which is about the history of monetary and financial policy. I find economics and finance interesting so I usually keep a book related to one of these subjects by my bedside for leisure reading.


“Commentaries & Jurisprudence on the Civil Code, Volume II, Property,” by Arturo Tolentino—I teach Property Law, so I brush up on my knowledge by reading the latest Supreme Court decisions and the commentaries of different authorities on the subject. I find Tolentino’s commentaries helpful because he goes into the historical background of several Civil Code provisions on property. I teach Property Law on Mondays, so this is a book I usually read on Sunday nights.


“A Short History of Nearly Everything,” by Bill Bryson—This is one of my favorite books of all time. I love history and, as the title suggests, this talks about the history of almost everything (chemistry, geology, physics, genetics). I’ll never get tired of reading this book, that’s why I always keep it near. I sometimes bring it with me when I travel.


Beng Calma-Alcazaren


Beng Calma-Alcazaren

Drip band singer-songwriter, advertising executive


Currently reading “Saints for Sinners,” by Archbishop Alban Goodier. It is an inspiring read that reveals the flaws and weaknesses of saints, affirming the truth that “virtue is made perfect in infirmity.” It also encourages me to be better despite my own defects, [and reminds me] that being good is attainable.


Compiled by Irene C. Perez

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