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OCTOBER 27, 2022

How can one look and feel younger than one’s actual chronological age? Are there remedies or therapies that can strengthen one’s immune system against disease? Is there a smarter way to live one’s life in order to outsmart the passage and the ravages of time? The answer is yes to all these questions.


There is a reference to weight management through the consumption of salsa from hot chili peppers in a book. Apparently, a certain Shaolin monk lives by this hot principle.


He eats generous meals six times a day, doesn’t have an ounce of fat in his body and looks younger than his actual age. What he does as a habit is to add hot sauce to every meal. It is so spicy that beads of perspiration run down his face every mealtime. What happens is that heat from the chili peppers actually increased the fire or temperature of the body. This activates the metabolism to work double-time.


Weight-loss tips


The hotter the better


If you can manage, add hot sauce to meals beginning with breakfast. Should plain chili sauce be too hard to swallow, make a salsa with chopped tomatoes, cilantro and crushed chili. The plus side to spicy meals is that more heat stimulates digestion. And this helps food move more quickly and efficiently through the colon. So, those suffering from constipation should heed this advice.


Ginger and spice


Another spice that can assist you in weight loss is ginger. You have the option to grate it fresh and mix with your soup, or juice it as part of your salad dressing. You may consider sweetening some fresh ginger slices and adding that to dessert. It’s perfect as a topping for vanilla ice cream, too. Add ginger juice to your favorite hot cocoa drink. It not only adds a zing but it also helps you burn calories faster.


Raw vinegar


The more natural the better.  Raw/organic apple cider vinegar or homemade old-fashioned (not factory processed) vinegar tea taken before each meal will increase the fat-burning mechanism in your body. More importantly, it also burns stored fat. Recipe: one tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of warm water.




This bears repeating. Raw, organic virgin coconut oil is a slimming oil. If you consume one tablespoon of VCO before meals, it will allow food to pass through your digestive tract quicker. This actually stops the conversion of food to fat. VCO also stimulates the thyroid, so if you have a sluggish thyroid or hypothyroid, this remedy ought to help you along. The best part is this: you burn fat while you sleep.




Green tea is known to benefit the immune system and stimulate the metabolism because of its high-caffeine content.  Another tea called Yerba Mate will reduce the appetite and increase the fat-burning furnace within the body. Sip this tea every two hours.


These simple regimens work. And if you are consistent and persistent, then results can be seen in 30 days.


Find the cause


People tend to ask about natural cures to recurring symptoms like acid reflux or heartburn, constipation, rashes, allergies and migraines. Instead of asking to cure the symptom, why not consider finding the cause.


The trend nowadays is to be prescribed that special pill that will numb your pain, or the cream that will erase your unsightly rash.  But have you stopped to think for a minute why these things occur and recur in your life?


The question to ask yourself (especially if your doctor is not asking it) is this: What is causing my health challenges?


You can start ruling out many things  like a misaligned spine, poor diet, lack of stress-management, vitamin and mineral deficiency, toxic buildup, lack of emotional and spiritual management, antibiotic or drug misuse and abuse, and the list goes on.


If you want to get well, stop treating the symptoms. Find the cause.


Possible deficiency


Are we really eating enough of the right vitamins and minerals from the food we eat?


Questions have been raised also about synthetically manufactured vitamin pills and supplements which may cause kidney overload one day. Some health experts believe that you need to give your kidneys a rest in between supplementation. Be that as it may, it never hurts to derive the best nutrition from the freshest organically produced food sources. This ensures that it is pesticide-free and enzyme-rich. There is a guiding rule for serious health-seekers. You can eat practically any food group—carbohydrates, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables for as long as its organic.


And if organic food is beyond your budget or is scarce, then flush the toxins out of the food in this solution:


Food Cleanse

¼ c sea/rock salt

2 tbsp baking soda

8 c water

1 tsp raw vinegar

Rinse for 30 minutes. Wash off and prepare your meal.




Today’s affirmation:  “I am cleansed and purified body and soul.”


Love and light!

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