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Cook ulam and rice TOGETHER in your rice cooker

‘Fess up, mommies! While we want our families to enjoy home-cooked goodness everyday, we don’t always have enough time, energy, or culinary skills. But, if you have a rice cooker, all that is about to change. From the experts of cooking diskarte comes a revolutionary product that is sure to get your thumbs-up. For the first time ever, you may now cook your ulam as your rice cooks, together in your rice cooker!


Hit your favorite supermarket and check out MAGGI’s newest product, MAGGI MAGIC MEALS. Each sachet has two compartments: one contains the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX, which has the right blend of flavors you’ll need for a yummy ulam.  No need to add other ingredients except meat, veggies and water!

The other half contains the MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG, where you will put all the ingredients. This bag is made with a food grade material and is safe for cooking. It’s approved by the US and EU FDA, and it’s heat resistant. Once in the rice cooker, the cooking bag ensures that the meat and vegetables cook in its own juice at the proper doneness, and the sauce develops into a thick and hearty consistency. No need for oil, no need to correct the timpla, no need to check for doneness. Hooray!

Now, anyone can cook

Cooking Pinoy favorites like Bicol Express, Afritada, Lechon Paksiw and Chicken Pastel is now as simple as cooking rice! Here’s how:

  1. Lightly slice chicken pieces on each side to ensure thorough cooking.Likewise, if you are using pork, cut them into thin strips.
  2. Place meat and veggies inside the MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG.
  3. Add the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX plus 6 tablespoons or ¼ cup of water for the sauce.
  4. Massage the bag gently to dissolve the mix, then seal the bag by tying a knot.


  1. Place the cooking bag flatly on top of washed rice, then start cooking the rice as you normally would. After 45 minutes, both rice and ulam are ready to serve.

Why you would love Maggi Magic Meals

Let’s count the ways!

With MAGGI MAGIC MEALS, you get to save on the cost of ingredients, gas, water and soap (less pots and pans to wash). Because it cooks in its own juices, you won’t have to use oil. Because it takes only 45 minutes to prepare the rice + ulam combo, you won’t have to call for takeout. Because it cooks on its own, you won’t need to stress over its timpla or doneness. It’s super efficient, you can devote your time and energy for yourself or your family WHILE cooking. It works just as well on your kaldero, palayok or kalan. And if that’s enough, its suggested retail price is Php 35 only!

Finally, serving home-cooked goodness everyday is now simple, time-saving and affordable. Check out our cooking videos here. Go ahead, try MAGGI MAGIC MEALS today!


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