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OCTOBER 27, 2022

(Part II)


The following are additional questions sent in by De La Salle student Krysta Mae Alcala about astral projection for their school paper “Plaridel.”


Q: How often can one go into astral projection?


A: It varies. To most people it may happen consciously only once. For others, more often. Sometimes, one may go into astral projection in places of strong energy or in mystic or sacred places. Others can do astral projection every day or every evening. I have met at least two sensitive women who go into astral projection at will and travel wherever they want to.


Q: Can this ability be avoided or removed?


A: Since this is not an ability but a natural phenomenon, one cannot really take it away. However, it can be controlled or managed in time by correct practice. One should not attempt astral projection when one is experiencing negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy or fear, because he or she may go into the lower astral plane and meet negative astral beings.


Remember that on the mental and spiritual planes, “like attracts like.” On the physical plane, it is the opposite. The law of magnetism states that, “like poles repel each other, opposite poles attract each other.”




Q: Do you also have the ability to go into astral projection?


A: The answer to your question is, yes, I have experienced OOBE many times, beginning in 1975. But most of my astral projections were spontaneous and not deliberate. It happened under various circumstances in many different places, including foreign countries.


My first spontaneous but conscious astral projection happened in 1975 during an exercise on feeling the energy of people during a seminar conducted by two visiting American clairvoyants. I was seated in a chair surrounded by about 15 other participants. While they were passing their hands around me, I suddenly went into a trancelike state and saw myself on the ceiling looking down at my physical body seated on a chair, seemingly unconscious. I could not move or shout. But I did not panic. In fact, I even enjoyed being out of my body and got a bit irritated at the American instructor when she tried to bring me back by snapping her fingers near my ear.


In the astral world, one can see 360 degrees, hear or know the thoughts of people telepathically and travel anywhere one desires to go.


After this experience in 1975, I have gone into astral projection many times. But I have never experienced venturing out of the room where I was. So I don’t have any experience of conscious astral travel to distant places. I have also not met any astral being or spirit, except once many years ago when I was not yet really ready for such an experience. However, I never met that being or entity again, to my disappointment.


Q: What are the good or bad effects you have experienced during astral projection?


A: I can’t think of any bad experience while I was in the astral plane. In fact, it was always a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The only “bad” experience I had was feeling tired after waking up, maybe because I had traveled far without being conscious of it. As I said, my conscious OOBE experiences have been confined to the room where it happened, but unconsciously it is possible that I had traveled to distant places.


One occult practitioner, for example, reported going to Mars before any space exploration of the place and described it very accurately when a space vehicle finally landed on the Red Planet.


Q: What is your perspective on this ability as a parapsychologist?


A: Astral projection should not be feared. It happens naturally to most people. But usually they don’t want to  discuss  such experiences because of fear they may be considered insane or merely hallucinating. In fact, this is the view of most scientists. They say that the sensation of being out of one’s body is an illusion and is caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. If one has never really experienced astral projection, he is bound to believe such a “scientific” explanation. I don’t.




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