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Kylie Jenner’s guide to dressing up

Going to the mall:


High-waisted shorts + plain top + a lot of jewelry + boots + a good purse to carry your wallet in.


First date:


Jeans + boots + plain shirt or a graphic tee + cool leather jacket.


“You don’t want to seem like you care that much, so something low-key. Definitely no heels on a first date unless it’s casual—like jeans and a casual shirt. I would wear flats.”


Party at someone’s house:


A plain black tight dress + Rob’s Arthur George socks + simple black boots, no heels + sweater (if it’s cold) + necklaces.


“I love casual dresses. I have 10 plain black dresses.”


On the plane:


Cute sweats.


“On the way here I wore army green sweats that were tight on the bottom but then really baggy, I wore a plain black shirt that was all cut in the back and I tied a flannel around my waist and paired it with boots and socks. You can look cute and be comfortable.”


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