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BIORHYTHM: Music & the Body jams at The Mind Museum

MANILA, Philippines — The Mind Museum and Science Gallery of Dublin, Ireland bring to the Filipino public a most fascinating and engaging traveling exhibit featuring music and how our body relates and connects with it.

BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body presents 14 interactive installations meant to demonstrate and explain the unique relationship between music and the human body.

It makes use of an acoustic bed, sound-mixing tables, hanging metal chains, and a lot more ingeniously designed and fabricated equipment.

It enriches our experience of music by revealing aspects such as how our brain reacts to music we thought we hated, how our whole body can literally feel music, how our skin can create music, as well as humans that have melded with instruments to make music.

Emotion in Motion allows you to measure your psycho-physiological response to a selection of music samples. In this booth, just put on the headphones and the sensors to your fingers that will record bio signals or physiological signals from your body (like pulse and heart rates) as you listen to different songs. After the experiment, you would know the correlation between your body’s reaction and your perception of music that you heard.

With Contacts, you can produce music by making contact with this installation, and with those around you. People’s touch causes a change in the electrical resistance of the skin. This response creates circuit that generates different kinds of sound. So make a human chain while touching Contacts and create music.

BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body was created by Science Gallery. It was presented at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Centre in 2011 World Science Festival in New York, USA. Before coming to Manila, it was seen in Science Centre Singapore last August.

BIORHYTHM can be viewed at the Special Exhibition Hall of The Mind Museum until Feb. 15, 2013.

The museum’s curator, Maria Isabel Garcia, said that “Biorhythm is another innovative way that The Mind Museum lives up to its commitment to make science come alive in every aspect of our lives. Music is of course alive and flourishing in the Filipino soul.  With Biorhythm, we expand our experience of music even more by understanding it. ”

The Mind Museum is the country’s first world-class science museum. It is a project of Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., the organization that manages the public art and science programs of Bonifacio Global City.

For ticket prices, schedules, and other details, visit

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