How to control weight gain—or appear to—during the holidays | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Here are gift suggestions for weight control that you can either give out for Christmas or consider as presents for yourself. These products are pricey for the standard Christmas token, but they will be definitely appreciated and used all year round.


Want to make sure you fit into that slinky dress, or those skinny jeans don’t make you look like an overstuffed sausage? Some good options: Clarins High Definition Body Lift, Avon Solutions Anti-Cellulite Cream, Slim-Tone Pro for firming, toning and fat burning.


Don’t expect these to replace diet and exercise for you to hit the dress size of your dreams. Instead, view these products as something that lets the gas out of your puffy belly, or drains the excess fluids and cellulite from your swollen legs, arms and thighs. An invisible girdle, if you will.


Among their active ingredients are caffeine to get rid of swelling; certain ingredients that speed up circulation like Gingko Biloba, so nothing settles into one place too long to create an unsightly bulge; and vitamin C and certain minerals to maintain skin elasticity and hydration.


Spot reducing


For love handles and beer belly: Shiseido Body Creator for Men Abdomen Toning Gel can temporarily swipe as much as two inches off a puffy waistline on a big night. This also works for women; it has done wonders for me countless times.


Tip: Apply chosen product to problem area by massaging on twice a day after a shower. When combined with exercise, it speeds up spot reducing on particular problem areas. These gels are cold because they will make the body work harder by trying to generate heat to get back to the normal temperature of 98 degrees. Side effects include frequent urination and passing gas.


Weight-loss pills


Everyone says one has to diet by eating only healthy food in measured quantities if one wants to maintain or reach ideal weight. Well, we all know that is easier said than done, as food cravings and hunger pangs are pretty hard to beat.


Here’s an easy solution: J-caps are all-natural capsules that contain turmeric, cayenne pepper and celery seed, among other things to help balance out our bodies. This combination will clean out our liver so it will efficiently expel toxins and process fat. All I have to do is take one 15-30 minutes before breakfast and two before lunch.


More energy


What to expect: You will crave food your body needs, like fruits and vegetables. I did not eat bread, French fries, ice cream and cake for two full months. Instead, I was desperate for pomelo, grapefruit, watercress, sili and basil leaves. I still loved steak and pork chops, but not the processed ones like tapa, ham or bacon.


My taste buds were also enhanced so I required less salt and sugar. Without changing my lifestyle, I lost 15 pounds in four months. I also had more energy, so I could walk around doing my errands instead of hitting a midday slump like I used to.


Note that I did not purposely diet or exercise more, so there was no struggle involved. I also slept better at night, so I was more mentally alert in the daytime. Bathroom habits became more regular, and my skin cleared up and actually became brighter in tone, losing some of that deep yellow undertone common with Asian women or those with congested livers.


For J-caps, you may need to consult first with Dr. Jason Penaranda, as he has to know your medical history to see if the tablets will conflict with your medication or underlying conditions.

He will also let you know how many capsules you require. Most people only need two, I needed three and my brother, four.


For J-Caps, call 0916-6858108 or 4160123. For Slimtone, call 0917-8082926.