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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If all of life is about energy, then every life form’s nature is basically about electricity. Physicists know this basic truth, that the foundation of all living things is the manifestation of this very force.


You might even say that it’s chemical, too. In chemistry, the force is obtained in enzymes.


Without enzymes or enzymatic activity, there is no breakdown of ingested nutrients contained in the food we eat or beverages we drink.


To unleash the maximum potential of all we consume, enzymes must also work at optimal levels. Without enzymes, there is no power distributed to every cell in the body.


Enzymes are specialized protein molecules that facilitate the body’s metabolic processes. They supply energy, digest food, purify blood and get rid of waste products.




Metabolic enzymes—Made by the body, they drive chemical reactions within the cell.


Digestive enzymes—Break down food to absorb them better. Present in the digestive juices from the mouth to the intestines.


Food enzymes—Only found in raw foods. Enzymes contained in foods are destroyed when exposed to heat over 116 °F.


Supplemental enzymes—Cultured from enzymes and grown from mushrooms, soy and wheat.


Natural sources of enzymes:


Papaya—Rich source of papain. Johnny Bowden, Ph.D., author of “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth,” extols the healing virtues of papaya for arthritis, inflammation and pain.


Greens—All green foods decrease oxidative stress in the body. Chlorophyll sourced from green food purifies the blood.


Pineapple—The enzyme bromelain reduces body inflammation. High in fiber and vitamin C, it is considered a super food.


Milk—Organic, unpasteurized, raw milk is a natural source of vitamins and minerals.


Yogurt—Taken plain, it is an excellent source of good bacteria. Contains antiviral, antibacterial properties.


Grapefruit—Packed with the power to lower insulin levels, this healthy fruit also improves conditions of high triglyceride and cholesterol.


If you are considering a supplement, select one that contains protease, amylase, lipase and lactase.


Note: Allergy sufferers have experienced relief and even disappearance of symptoms after taking amylase.


Oldest yet strongest


Think gorillas in the wild. It is considered the strongest primate in the world.  Why is that?


Let’s take a closer look at this giant ape.


Would you believe that the wild gorilla ages with time but does not degenerate with age? Fact: The oldest male gorilla in the troop is the most dominant and reputed to be the strongest.


Another amazing piece of information is that this animal is a vegetarian, living exclusively on uncooked vegetation.


There are too many diets being promoted today. Commonplace are books promoting low fat, low/zero carbohydrate, high protein, high fat, zero sugar.


So many regimens, so little time to try them all to see which one suits us best.


So, in choosing a meal plan, consider the creatures in their natural state. In fact, all, except bacteria, fungi scavengers and humans eat only nutrient-dense and enzyme-rich, uncooked foods.


But cooked food advocates say that all-raw and no-cooked will make the stomach “colder,” stating that it’s too much “Yin” energy (cold, damp) as opposed to Yang (hot and dry).


This is a theory that deserves closer study. It makes sense.


For now, let’s play it safe by balancing the raw and the cooked in our diets. In the end, the best proof of all is how we feel after following a certain wellness approach.


For now, remember that the ingestion of living foods cannot harm us. If at all, they can only improve our health.


Wake-up call


Exercise is one way to wake up the pituitary gland of the body to secrete higher levels of growth hormones. And the more you exercise, the more fit you become. If you take supplements of human growth hormone (HGH), you can achieve a higher performance level.


Consult an endocrinologist. The best form of exercise to stimulate HGH is cardiovascular in nature such as brisk walking, running, jogging, dancing.


But then again, any exercise can only benefit your body.


Stay focused. Be still. Achieve calmness. When all your senses are in a state of harmony, the body follows. Raising the energy level of the body requires a considerable amount of internal balancing as well.


To do


Erase your worries and confront your fears.


Boost your self-confidence level by strengthening your power to believe that all will be well.


Affirm today: “My life is perfection in progress.”


Love and light!