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OCTOBER 27, 2022




The latest incident in this strange drama happened in Sr. Gloria’s healing center in Novaliches (border of Caloocan) in October 2011, only two months after the Pampanga incident.


Sr. Gloria’s healing center became famous because of the many miraculous healings that reportedly took place there. It counts among its devotees a former senator during the Marcos regime, other government officials and well-known personalities.


I was accompanied to the place by Nina Raymundo (mother of entertainer, musician, composer and  magician Rannie Raymundo), two friends of theirs and my wife. Nina was a devotee volunteer of the healing center.


The healing ceremony took an enormously long  time, consisting of a mass, novenas, rosaries and repeated chanting of the names Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


One had to devote a whole day there, which included a sort of baptism of water. For more serious cases,  holy water is poured over patients’ heads and bodies, while less ill patients were just asked to stand around a circular area where they were sprinkled with water from sprinklers. like they were plants. The water was supposed to have come from its grotto, somewhere behind the yard.


When it came to my turn, I was asked to sit on a stool inside a half-open cubicle, while Nina  started to pour water all over my head and body. While she was doing that, I was asked to pray to the life-size statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was located only a few feet away in front of me.


Rolled three times


When she asked me to look at the heart of Jesus, a strong energy suddenly radiated from the statue towards me, and I fell into a trance from my sitting position. I felt that I tumbled toward the front once, but Nina said my body rolled three times before I almost hit the cemented base of the statue.


I felt two hands catch my head and gently put it down. I thought there was somebody who rushed to catch my head as I fell.


But here is the strangest thing. Nina said she saw two hands suddenly materialize and catch my head. There was nobody near me except her, who was pouring water on me. Not only that; she said I rolled over three times, and before I went into a trance, she saw the spirit of Jesus Christ enter me.


I found out that Nina was clairvoyant and a visionary. I couldn’t believe what she was talking about, but I had no doubt she was telling the truth.


The incident quickly spread to the 50 patients who were there, and they looked at me with both awe and wonderment. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. After I had changed into dry clothes. I was brought to Sr. Gloria, who blessed me and said Jesus Christ was in me and was the one who healed me.


But I also fell into a trance before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was inside the chapel. I really couldn’t  tell why these things happen to me. And they all involved life-sized statues of Jesus Christ.


The strange thing about this, as I said before, is that I am not particularly devoted to Jesus Christ. Friends who heard about these incidents told me it was time to go back to Christ, because he has been calling me and I had been ignoring him. As the spirit entity Ang Suh from the upper fifth dimension told me through his medium, Dr. Helen de Garriz, “It is time, Oh, Golden One, to go back to your spirituality.”


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