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OCTOBER 27, 2022

IN MEDIUM-SIZED nonstick pan onmedium heat, put butter. Allow butter to melt for one minute. Add onions and bell peppers. Cook for two minutes or until onion sweats. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN

After the bingeing season, don’t let the leftover food from the holiday feasts go to waste.  Your leftover ham can be used, chopped into pieces and cooked into a delicious frittata.


ADD HAM or any leftover meat, basil, cheese, and season to taste with salt and pepper. Stir well. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN

This Stove-top Ham Frittata is quick and easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients—leftover meat, some veggies and eggs.


According to Food Lover’s Companion, frittata is an Italian omelet that usually has ingredients mixed with the eggs rather than being folded inside, as with a French omelet. However, a frittata is much firmer than the traditional omelette, since it’s cooked very slowly over low fire, and round because it isn’t folded.


POUR beaten eggs into themixture and bring your heat to low. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN

Chef RJ Garcia of San Miguel Food Inc. demonstrates how this dish is prepared with very little time required. Aside from ham, you can also use leftover chunks of roast turkey, pork lechon, sausage, fried chicken, seafood or prime rib.


You can also add your leftover quezo de bola or kesong puti into the mixture.


“The meat provides the texture while the cheese makes the taste richer and creamier,” says Garcia. “The possibilities are endless. What’s important is that all the ingredients you use are already cooked.”


LIGHTLY stir mixture to spread out all the ingredients. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN

For added bite, you can also add in cooked macaroni or spaghetti or baked potatoes.


To speed up the cooking process, the dish is covered with aluminum foil to seal in the goodness and aroma.


The frittata is best served with bread or rice.


COVER pan with a sheet of Glad aluminum foil, shiny side on top, and cook for five minutes or until mixture dries out. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN


3 tbsp Magnolia Gold Butter

½ c white onion, sliced

½ c green bell peppers, small, diced

½ c red bell peppers, small, diced

TRANSFER frittata in a plate or serving board for amore
rustic effect and portion frittata like pizza. Serve and enjoy. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN

250 g leftover Purefoods Fiesta Ham or any leftover meat (chicken, sausage, lechon, etc.)

10 g fresh basil, chopped

Salt and pepper, to taste

6 pcs brown eggs, beaten

Optional: leftover quezo de bola


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