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San Miguel Foods Inc. executives give the thumbs-up sign. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Monterey know-your-meat caravan ‘meatwave II’ a big success

San Miguel Foods Inc. executives give the thumbs-up sign. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—What’s in your meat?


San Miguel Foods Inc. recently unrolled the “Monterey Know Your Meat Caravan Wave II,” which visits different barangays and supermarkets to talk about meat with homemakers. The caravan is part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-platform campaign to help educate the public about meat selection and handling.


“It warms the heart to see that in every barangay, even the mothers who work from Monday to Friday, wake up early on their day off just to go to the Monterey Know Your Meat Caravan and each one is very interested in what the experts have to say,” says San Miguel Foods Inc. president Tatish Palabyab.


The Know Your Meat Caravan recently launched its Wave II last January 8, 2013 at Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club. With distinguished guests from the biggest food conglomerate in South East Asia, San Miguel Foods, Inc., the event signifies their commitment to deliver superior quality meats to the consumers.


One of the highlights of the launch is the 2011 Blade Awards, which gives recognition to the exemplary franchisees who have set the benchmark making them a paragon of what spirit, passion, and excellence in execution with a lasting impact is all about.


In hindsight, Anna Nery, product manager of Monterey discussed the many wonderful things that has happened from the previous “Monterey Know Your Meat” caravan. “It was the first time that Monterey ever did and effort with such magnitude that it caught up like the storm; and so the very much celebrated meatwave we have today,” says Nery.


Each Caravan day starts with a “Know Your Meat” mini-musical featuring stage performers. This definitely sets the right mood for the day.

Of course, a Caravan includes an entourage and in this case, there are veterinarians, including SMFI general manager Leo Obviar; nutritionists; Monterey Meat Masters and Chefs. They talk about their different fields of expertise. The veterinarians, of instance, give an audio-visual presentation on Monterey’s farm operations and how a top level staff of animal husbandry experts, animal nutritionists and veterinarians make sure that the hogs and cattle are raised according to the highest local and global standards. These animals are slaughtered according to high quality standards with no compromises along the way.


The Monterey Meat Masters then talk about how the butcher in the meatshop is the homemaker’s best friend when it comes to choosing the proper cuts of meat. Adobo will not taste the same if it is the wrong cut. They also teach the homemakers how to slice the meat properly.


The nutritionists talk about why meat is an important component of one’s diet. There is no doubt that meat is good for you. Meat provides protein for muscle development; iron for brain development; zinc for proper functioning of the immune system and B vitamins to boost growth. Beef contains high concentrations of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a proven anti-carcinogen and can prevent cancer. It increases lean tissue and may even be a treatment for obesity. The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in lean meat fight inflammation related to cardiovascular disease and arthritis.


The chefs’ cooking demonstration is truly one of the highlights of the Caravan. The chefs cook four recipes with audience participation. The homemakers are asked how they would prepare a certain dish. The dishes are later raffled off to lucky audience members.


Speaking of raffles, there are gift certificates from Monterey Meatshops to be won throughout the day. There are also parlor games. The mothers are treated to spa services like manicures and pedicures and massages. Coffee and snacks courtesy of San Miguel Foods Inc. are served.


The attendees also get to meet the Monterey Meatshop owners in their neighborhood.


“We believe that the campaign is timely because it addresses the concerns of homemakers about meat especially in the light of reports on the proliferation of botcha or mishandled meat. Their questions range from the simplest to the most complicated,” says Palabyab.


The most common questions pertain to buying meat as most of the homemakers were raised to believe that fresh meat is the warm meat found in the wet market. When they are told that chilled meat maintained at a constant temperature and shown proof that it is true, the homemakers are amazed.


“Our advocacy would like to ensure that no mother, cook or anyone is deprived of knowing how to choose and serve meat right. As today’s market leader, Monterey has a responsibility to make everyone aware of issues concerning not only on the scrumptiousness of the food they eat but also the role it plays when we speak of public safety,” says Palabyab.


The “Know Your Meat” campaign is in support of the current “Chilled is fresh… Chilled is safe” program of National Meat Inspection Service, under the Department of Agriculture.


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