Meet the new society gals | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


What made the respective openings of the Raffles and Fairmont Hotels in Makati City a smashing success was the spectacular guest list, which had been put together for the magnificent inaugurals by PR queen Monique Toda.


Zahara Soriano in turquoise Puey Quiñones. PHOTO BY ANDREW TADALAN

There were no politicos, no show-biz celebrities and the Old Guard were nowhere to be found. Instead, there were young, beautiful and rich couples who are more the target market for this luxurious new concept of residential hotel services.


Meet the new ladies who lunch, the new society gals who are stars in their chosen careers, married to powerful young corporate honchos. They are mothers to bright young children and they know their personal style inside and out.


AZIZA Mondoñedo in Eric de los Santos

Their taste in dressing is impeccable. Confident, intelligent and vibrant, these women are the new Chona Kastens and Ting Ting Cojuangcos in the making.


These are the portraits of the emerging elite who have memorized the rules of etiquette, quiet quality and staying power. Knowing how to have civilized fun in the most social events.


They are the template for the new-century Filipino women. Works in progress, these women are rare gems getting polished, soon to become sparkling diamonds to dazzle the world in which we live in.