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Oliveira, Anading in new Mabini art space

Exhibition area 1335 Mabini houses the Bureau of Artistic Rehab or BAR, an alternative space founded by artist Manuel Ocampo, and Zn, which showcases artists who works with video, film and new media (1335 A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila; tel. 2548498, 0927-5602995; e-mail [email protected]; www.1335mabini.com).

Bar presents for its inaugural exhibition the works of Jayson Oliveira in “Remove All Warning Labels.” It explores contemporary painting’s condition of subjective nihilism countered by strategies of aesthetic pluralism through the application of random texts and images painted over abstract fields of expressive mark making and figurative compositions. It runs until March 30.

Zn showcases Poklong Anading’s “Art Death.” It runs until March 30. The exhibit reveals Anading’s production design background.