A reader’s psychic experiences–and what they mean | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Our regular reader named Leah, 46, married and working in an international airline company in Davao, wrote me recently about her many strange psychic experiences, which she could not understand.


She would like to know if these experiences are normal, and why she has been experiencing them since childhood. A summary of her letter and my comments:


1. “One Saturday during my elementary years, I was taking guitar lessons in a room on the second floor of the building. While waiting for the teacher, I roamed around the third floor and saw a girl in the corridor. I tried to catch up with her but she disappeared. I tried opening the doors but all were locked. The janitor said only the room on the second floor was open. Who was that girl I saw?”


Most likely, the girl you saw was an earthbound spirit whose consciousness is still focused on the earth plane. She may not be aware that she’s already dead. This happens usually to people who die suddenly, like victims of accidents, murders, or heart attack. Seeing spirits means you are clairvoyant or a medium.


2. “Still in grade school, I was in the swimming pool and I thought I was going to step on broken glass, and I did.”


This means you are also precognitive. Precognition is the psychic ability to tell what is going to happen before it does.


3. “Second year high school. We were out camping in Davao. While brushing my teeth on the terrace of the cottage, I saw a girl three meters away from me. She had long black hair, almost reaching the floor, and she was wearing a long white gown.


“On her neck was a long, weird-looking necklace. It looked like it was made of wood, with balls connected to each other. She had a fair face and was pretty. I wanted to scream but could not. I wanted to grab the doorknob near me but I couldn’t move.”


This experience definitely shows you have mediumistic tendencies. The girl tried to communicate something to you and probably even attempted possession. You were in a trance or at least in an altered state of consciousness. That’s why you couldn’t shout or move.


4. “I also sometimes can tell what a person is going to say before he says it. I also could tell what kind of person I am talking with.”


This is an example of telepathy or the ability to receive or transmit thoughts. You are able to read what is on a person’s mind without knowing it. Telepathy is the most prevalent or most common ability of human beings. It happens every day to many people.




5. “Almost every time, I hear a voice telling me what to do. One time the voice told me to put my watch inside the bag and not on top of it. I didn’t listen. After some time it disappeared. I kept looking for it and thought I had lost it. I found it later in the side pocket of my bag. This voice alerts me to what is going to happen.”


This is probably your spirit guide talking to you and warning you of things that may happen. You should learn to listen to that voice. You are lucky to have such a spirit guide who communicates with you. Most spirit guides are there but do not manifest themselves.


6. “I had dreamt what my kids would look like before they were born. I would also know the gender of my unborn child. I also dreamed what my niece and nephew would look like when they are one year old and three years old. I am eager for them to grow up so I can confirm if my dream was correct.”


This is another psychic gift you have, namely, precognitive or psychic dreams. These are dreams of future events that come true. A lot of Filipinos dream of future events.


7. “I am now afraid of my dreams, especially bad ones, because they come true. If I dream of a wake, a family member or friend would die. I also dreamed of a girl without a head, which means somebody was going to die.”


To see in your dream a person without a head does not always mean that the person will die. It depends on how the dreamer’s subconscious mind works. Most people dream of negative things, such as calamities, accidents and deaths because they remember these more than the pleasant ones. They lead us to worry when we wake up. But not all dreams are negative.


8. “They say these gifts are passed on to the next generation. I believe my mom has it and she passed it on to me. Now, I want to know which of my children got it.”


Everybody is psychic. The only difference is that some have a more developed psychic ability than others. Through practice, or by studying it, anyone can develop his or her psychic ability.


I am not sure if psychic gifts are inherited, or if it is in our genes. But I believe that if you grow up in an environment where families are supportive of such gifts, they are more likely to manifest early, compared with families who discourage or refuse to believe in them. So both genes and environment play a part in our psychic development.



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