Kim Rodriguez: Stars should use fame to spur kids to read | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

MANILA, Philippines – Teen actress Kim Rodriguez believes that celebrities, who are seen as role models by children, should use their fame to encourage them to read.


Rodriguez, 17, participated in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Read-Along Saturday as a first time reader. She currently stars in GMA Network’s “Kakambal ni Eliana.”


She read the story written by Christine Bellen entitled “Ang Binibining Tumalo sa Hari” (The Maiden Who Defeated the King), which tells how Sharay, a young woman from a poor family, used her intelligence and wit to outsmart a datu that was prejudiced against her and eventually marry the prince she was in love with.


“[As a celebrity] I need to be a good role model, I told them the story, so I need to set a good example for them [when it comes to reading],” Rodriguez said in an interview after the read along.


In connection with PDI read-along’s celebration of International Women’s Day, she also hoped that children learned the valuable lessons from the book such as not being prejudiced against others and going out to prove you can do what others think you cannot.


“I hope the children learned the importance of not being judgmental, especially toward women. The datu in the story was prejudiced against Sharay because she was from a poor family. It is important to know the person first, what the person can do, before judging him or her,” Rodriguez said.


“Because I am new in the acting industry, it can’t be avoided that others will think ‘is she capable?’ [and] that is what I need to prove that I can do,” she said.


She said that she believes reading will help children learn more and value education better.


“Edukasyon yung kayamanan mo na hindi kayang nakawin sa’yo (Education is a treasure that can’t be taken away from you),” Rodriguez said.