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WNCAA stunners capture college memories in Samsung’s yearbook app

MIRIAM College’s Andrea Francesca Aurellado (second from right) was chosen as the Samsung VJ Hunt winner at the recent WNCAA cheerleading competition. She was awarded a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini by Samsung representatives Emil Erasmo and Dan Torres, and Vivian Manila of WNCAA.

Samsung wowed the campus crowd when it partnered with the Women’s National Collegiate Athletic Association in the annual WNCAA Cheerleading Competition, one of the much-awaited events in the intercollegiate meet.


Thousands of college students came to watch spectacular stunts and morale-boosting cheers that echoed the spirit of each school.


Making the event more festive was the selection of the Samsung VJ Hunt winner. Ten young girls from NCAA schools went head-to-head in a friendly competition that showcased their beauty and wit.


Miriam College’s Andrea Aurellado, an intern in a popular FM radio station, won with her charm and outgoing personality. She received a Samsung SIII Mini.


SAMSUNG VJHunt finalists at the awarding ceremony

The other contenders in the VJ Hunt included Paula Salvosa, La Consolacion College; Julianne Benitez, Philippine Women’s University; Agatha Albano, St. Scholatica’s College, and Hannasi Puri, Centro Escolar University.


The Samsung Stunner was also chosen. Katrice Kierulf was chosen among the outstanding young ladies. She won the newest Samsung WB250F Digital Camera.


The Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Instayearbook app is the first crowd-sourced yearbook using Instagram where students can upload their favorite campus photos to create their very own college yearbook.


UNIVERSITY of Asia and the Pacific Firestarter Katrice Kierulf
(right) displays a brand-new Samsung WB250F Digital Camera as this year’s chosen Samsung Stunner during the recent WNCAA cheerleading competition. With her is Samsung Asia elite trainee EJ Sarsoza.

To create the unique yearbook and qualify for the raffle, each school must encourage its students to upload photos that depict unforgettable campus scenes and experiences and college life. The pictures must be posted on Instagram using the hashtag #S3MiniInstaYearbook[name of school]; i.e. #S3MiniInstaYearbookCSB, #S3MiniInstaYearbookSSC, #S3MiniInstaYearbookCEU, and tag @SamsungMobilePH. All photos will be pooled on Facebook and collated to form a photo mosaic of the school’s logo, which can be found in the Instayearbook app page.


Three Samsung Galaxy SIII Minis will be raffled off.


Samsung will also award P70,000 to the school organization with the biggest number of unique participants, regardless of the number of Instagram photos posted. The school with the biggest number of photos by the end of the promo period will receive P30,000 for the charity or university cause of their choice. The promo runs until March 29.