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Tom Holland and Zendaya have undeniable on-screen chemistry. From sharing the stage together in the MCU’s recent Spiderman movies to their public appearances…

Hola, Escolta!

PRINTED tank top is laid-back and cool.

Maureen Manuel of TheManilaVisionary.blogspot.com, former campus street style guru of CollegeFashionista.com, took a trip down memory lane and went around the streets of Escolta, Manila, to see if it is still fashionable as it was in its heydays.


It was once dubbed the Queen of the Streets in the metropolis, booming with the latest trends before and after World War II. With the help of 98-B, a group of multidisciplinary artist collaborators, they are bringing back style, fashion and art to the city’s old world vibe through Saturday Market activities. Here, different styles from the lifestyle of the streets.


OVERSIZED graphic shirt


DARK and mid-tone shades of chinos perk up a guy’s outfit.


DARK and mid-tone shades of chinos perk up a guy’s outfit.

GIRLS’ tattoo stockings give this sweet dress an edge.




NAUTICAL stripes


PRINTED tank top is   laid-back and cool.


NOVELTY patched bag with the famous bee logo–and the Black Nazarene