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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The excitement over the tremendous healing and anti-aging power of stem cells  continues to build up toward a frenzied acceptance of this new wonder treatment. But stem cells are not new; they are as old as time itself. They have been and always will be inside us.


The approach, however, in harvesting, cultivating and reinfusing stem cells into one’s own system is expensive and not within the reach of the average person. The public is also confused with an avalanche of information on which stem-cell clinic to consult, what stem-cell approach is best, what kind of stem cells to use—whether from a sheep or one’s own adult stem cell.


Despite the Department of Health’s guidelines regarding the superior safety of using adult stem cells over animal sources, the debates continue.


If one were to choose adult stem cells, should it be autologous (coming from your own), or are Russian bone marrow stem cells better than the Japanese women’s placenta stem cells? Better yet, why not have your very own bone marrow stem cells taken from the back of your hip?


Experts claim that the procedure is relatively painless and 100-percent effective.


Nobody questions the benefits of stem-cell therapy for the brain, heart, lungs, kidney, pancreas, liver, spinal cord, wound-healing—the list is almost endless.


The role of bone marrow stem cells in the healing of the body due to degenerative diseases from accidents and surgeries has been recognized. And its dramatic effect in changing the course of one’s life has been hailed by medical experts as something close to a miracle.


P1-million procedure


To those who cannot afford to spend P500,000 to P1 million on a stem-cell procedure, there is another way to derive benefits from your own stem cells. Its source and supply is inside you. Stem cells are found in your brain, blood, bone marrow, fat and skin tissues.


For example, any trauma to the skin and bones naturally triggers the release of bone marrow stem cells. The immediate response is the quick migration of bone marrow stem cells to the injured site.


In the case of burn victims, it was noted that a rapid increase (up to nine times) of bone marrow stem cells was observed in the blood.


What, then, can one do in order to encourage the body to increase stem-cell proliferation?


What can you do in order to affect your own stem cells in a positive way?


It is imperative to understand that there are negative lifestyle habits that greatly suppress the body’s ability to produce and release stem cells. These include cigarette smoking, stress, lack of sleep, emotional extremes, lazy lifestyle and poor nutrition.


So: Don’t smoke; manage your stress positively; get seven to nine hours of good sleep nightly; be in a happy state; exercise daily for 30-45 minutes; do vigorous exercise once a week; eat/drink healthy; and supplement with vitamins plus extra doses of zinc and selenium.




Reference: “Cracking the Stem Cell Code,” Christian Drapeau, MSC

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