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OCTOBER 27, 2022

First of two parts


ONLY 30 days remain before the national and local elections. Have you decided who to vote for half the seats in the Senate?


The questions to ponder are: Which of the candidates can best address the current needs of our nation? What vision do they have for its future, which includes the Filipino youth? What do the 33 men and women vying for your votes have to offer? Who among them have specific programs that could benefit younger generations?


Inquirer Super presents a two-part guide to the 2013 senatorial bets, but it won’t contain the usual resumés that list their respective achievements.


Instead, this guide reveals the candidates’ agenda on issues that concern the youth—such as education, employment and protection of human rights.


It also shows their stand on same-sex marriage and the recently passed Reproductive Health Law.


Use this slideshow to learn more about who deserves to be on your ballot and, after election day, as reference on which candidates would get to fulfil campaign promises during their six-year tenure.



Aka: Professor Alcantara, “Alternatibo Para Sa Senado”

Party/Coalition: Social Justice Society

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Alcantara has been in the field as a longtime educator and as founding chair of Abakada-Guro party-list (formerly Advocates and Adherents of Social Justice for School Teachers and Allied Workers), which represents teachers and advocates of learning. Platforms include quality education and developing social values.
Human rights: Will continue advocacy for social justice and socioeconomic reforms
Employment: Boost job opportunities
Youth programs: None, but Abakada-Guro has had a college scholarship program and nationwide project called Books for the Barrios

Online social status/accessibility: E-mail samson.alcantara@yahoo.com; facebook.com/SamsonAlcantara.OfficialPage; Twitter @SamsonAlcantara

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Samson Alcantara:



ANGARA, Juan Edgardo
Aka: Sonny Angara

Party/Coalition: Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino/Team PNoy

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Drafted law expanding the study-now-pay-later program, which has broader reach and reasonable terms; seeks to build tech-equipped public schools so students can meet the demands of tech-oriented jobs
Human rights: Advocates “gender equality caucus” in Congress to promote women’s social, economic, political rights to the fullest; will push for enactment of House Bill No. 265, or Universal Health Development Act, which seeks to strengthen LGUs’ roles and functions in implementing the universal healthcare system
Employment: Proposes “One Million Hectares, One Million Jobs” program to reduce unemployment and underemployment rate, and utilize at least a million hectares of idle agricultural lands; proposes bill of rights that will enable fresh graduates to find jobs or start businesses
Youth programs: Advocates antibullying law; pushes for law that grants free college education to family beneficiaries of the government’s conditional cash transfer program

Online social status/accessibility: sonnyangara.com; facebook.com/sonnyangara; Twitter @sonnyangara

His stand on…
RH Law:  Pro
Same-sex marriage: Pro

Angara believes equal protection under the law; but it need not be called marriage, call it same-sex union instead.

More on Sonny Angara:






AQUINO, Benigno IV
Aka: Bam Aquino

Party/Coalition: Liberal Party

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Reforms in Commission on Higher Education; no to annual increase in tuition and other fees; match the curriculum with the needs of industries
Human rights: Advocates the right to affordable education (See Aquino’s agenda on education and employment.)
Employment: Improve Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino conditional cash transfer program; encourage government agencies to work together and make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business; generate more jobs and livelihood for the youth
Youth programs: Schools-to-jobs matching program that prepares fresh graduates for the workplace; micro-entrepreneurship program for those who want to start a business
Online social status/accessibility: bidaangmamamayan.com; e-mail karlsatinitigan@gmail.com; facebook.com/BenignoBamAquino; Twitter @bamaquino

His stand on…

RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Bam Aquino:





BELGICA, Greco Antonious Beda
Aka: Greco Belgica

Party/Coalition: Democratic Party of the Philippines

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Plans to scrap Priority Development Assistance Fund (commonly known as pork barrel), and replace it with Tuition Fee Voucher Fund. Students can get a voucher and use it to pay the tuition in the school of their choice.
Human Rights: Wants to make available all public lands to everyone for free, especially to starting families
Employment: Proposes flat-rate tax system of 10 percent for all employees and businesses, which would increase take-home pay of workers and net income of businesses, attract more foreign investors and bring down prices of basic commodities
Youth programs: Encourages youth to get involved in politics—to run or, at least, vote, and help change the country

Online social status/accessibility: facebook.com/GrecoBelgicaForSenator2013; Twitter @Greco_Belgica; www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yEs8ZqrAIJmcaLHrqIkUQ

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Greco Belgica:




BINAY, Ma. Lourdes Nancy
Aka: Nancy Binay

Party/Coalition: Partido  Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban/United Nationalist Alliance 
Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: None
Human rights: Review adoption laws, speed up process of legal adoption
Employment: None
Youth programs: Create more children’s hospitals or expand space of pediatric wards in government hospitals

Online social status/accessibility: facebook.com/nancy.binay; Twitter @nancybinay

 Her stand on…

RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti



CASIÑO, Teodoro
Aka: Teddy Casiño

Party/Coalition: Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Proposes a tuition moratorium and the regulation of tuition and other fees; seeks higher education budget
Human rights: Seeks to uphold the right to self-determination of the Bangsamoro and indigenous peoples; vows to fight all forms of violence against women and LGBTs; advocates more access to government services for persons with disabilities (PWDs)
Employment: Pushes for genuine agrarian reform and cooperativization, agricultural modernization
Youth programs: None

Online social status/accessibility: teddycasino.org; facebook.com/followteddycasino; Twitter @teddycasino; www.youtube.com/makabayanorg

His stand on…

RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: No stand

More on Teddy Casiño:




CAYETANO, Alan Peter
Aka: Alan Cayetano

Party/Coalition: Nacionalista Party/Team PNoy

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Will continue to advocate reforms for a more accessible, quality education system; wants public education to be “absolutely free”
Human rights: None
Employment: Proposes “Education for Employment” program, which will help students land jobs after graduation through partnerships between schools and private companies; advocates Presyo, Trabaho, Kita (PTK) plan, which aims to support existing SMEs and establish new ones
Youth programs: Implement a more effective student-assistance scheme

Online social status/accessibility: facebook.com/alanpetercayetano; Twitter @SenAlanOffice

His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Pro

Will vote yes if same-sex union refers to LGBTs getting the same benefits as straight couples

More on Alan Cayetano:




COJUANGCO, Margarita
Aka: Tingting Cojuangco

Party/Coalition: Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban/United Nationalist Alliance

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: None
Human rights: Supports freedom of information bill
Employment: Sin tax should not displace farmers from their work
Youth programs: Believes public safety policy is for everyone, including children

Online social status/accessibility: tingtingcojuangco.com.ph; facebook.com/MargaritaCojuangco; Twitter @TingCojuangco

Her stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Tingting Cojuangco:




DAVID, Rizalito
Aka: Lito David

Party/Coalition: Ang Kapatiran Party (Alliance for the Common Good)

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Kapatiran candidates share the same platforms, which are justified by the party’s concept of “economics in legislation.” The main goal is to eliminate corruption, the benefits of which include increasing funds for public services like education.
Human rights: Seeks to repeal “anti-life” RH law; advocates gun control; aims to speed up administration of justice
Employment: Advocates industrialization; again, shared platforms are geared toward improving public service, which include creating jobs
Youth programs: None

Online social status/accessibility: kapatiranparty.org, facebook.com/tolitsyap.david; Twitter @LItoYapDavid

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Lito David:



[tab:Delos Reyes]

DELOS REYES, Juan Carlos Gordon
Aka: JC delos Reyes

Party/Coalition: Ang Kapatiran Party

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Prevent privatization of education; stop all forms of violence in school fraternities; regulate sports to minimize physical harm
Human Rights: Passage of freedom of information bill; legislated gun control; protect water, power, health services from private control, commodification, overuse; zero-waste management, more public parks; antideath penalty
Employment: Agricultural infrastructure development; labor-first policy that will protect workers’ rights, income, security of tenure; microfinance and credit facilities for small enterprises; formation of cooperatives, small enterprises and development programs
Youth programs: Implement stricter laws on breastfeeding; prioritize and fund youth projects; formulate national strategy to eradicate manufacturing, pushing, sale and use of illegal drugs

Online social status/accessibility: kapatiranparty.org; facebook.com/jcdelosreyes; Twitter @jc_delosreyes

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on JC delos Reyes:




EJERCITO, Joseph Victor
Aka: JV Ejercito Estrada, JV Estrada

Party/Coalition: United Nationalist Alliance

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Primary agenda on the Ejercito platform—provide access to quality higher education via developed/well-maintained regional state universities and colleges (SUCs); increase SUC funding; push to invest in training Filipino youth as leaders, nation-builders, and in business; monitor basic education program to keep it relevant and competitive
Human rights: Focus is on workers’ protection, in particular OFWs (reduce placement fees, expedite government services), BPO employees (healthy work environment) and household staff (properly implement Kasambahay Law)
Employment: To boost job opportunities, Ejercito wants to tap into sectors with high manpower demand and tourism, agriculture and investor growth
Youth programs: Create student loan-assistance programs

Online social status/accessibility: jvestrada.com, e-mail jvee@jvestrada.com; facebook.com/JVEEstrada; Twitter @jvejercito

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on JV Ejercito Estrada:




ENRILE, Juan Ponce Jr.
Aka: Jack Enrile

Party/Coalition: Nationalist People’s Coalition/United Nationalist Alliance


His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Funds for the education of agricultural workers and their children
Human rights: Enrile’s proposed Food for Filipinos bill seeks to attain food self-sufficiency for Filipinos
Employment: Author of Kasambahay Law; focus on livelihood of fisherfolk and farmers
Youth programs: Emphasis on importance of agriculture for future generations

Online social status/accessibility: facebook.com/jackenrile; twitter.com/jackenrile


His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Pro


More on Jack Enrile:




ESCUDERO, Francis Joseph Guevara
Aka: Chiz Escudero

Party/Coalition: Independent


His youth-centric agenda on…
Education:  Provide quality, affordable and accessible education for all; update the curriculum to emphasize the sciences; establish linkages with the private sector for job placements; magna carta for students
Human rights: Promote gender equality while strengthening laws that protect women and children
Employment: Open a free market to unlock the Filipinos’ creativity and innovativeness; expanding microfinance programs for small businesses; promote entrepreneurship and boost employment and income generation; protect and promote workers’ rights and dignity; Republic Act No. 9504 or Tax Exemptions for Minimum Wage Earners and Increased Tax Exemptions Law

Youth programs: Push for reforms in Sangguniang Kabataan; state scholarship program in partnership with the private sector

Online social status/accessibility: chizescudero.com, senatejusticeandhumanrights.com; e-mail reachus@chizescudero.com; facebook.com/senchizescudero; Twitter @sayChiz


His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Chiz Escudero:




FALCONE, Baldomero
Aka: Bal Falcone

Party/Coalition: Democratic Party of the Philippines


His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Enact law that will provide capital to graduates of state universities
Human rights: Increase veterans’, farmers’ and senior citizens’ benefits
Employment: Jobs and low-cost housing for city squatters
Youth programs: Teach students how to be business-minded and entrepreneurial

Online social status/accessibility: facebook.com/baldomero.falcone; Twitter @BalFalcone


His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Bal Falcone:












GORDON, Richard
Aka: Dick Gordon

Party/Coalition: United Nationalist Alliance


His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Strengthen technical vocational education; include disaster-preparedness measures in the curriculum
Human rights: Establish permanent evacuation centers; every barangay should have a disaster response team
Employment: Increase the salary of teachers and provide skills-enhancement training; employment for all
Youth programs: Book-sharing—kids who are using tablets will give unused books to public schools

Online social status/accessibility: aksyon.gordon.team@gmail.com; facebook.com/richarddickgordon; Twitter @Aksyon_Gordon; youtube.com/SenatorRichardGordon


His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


More on Dick Gordon:




HAGEDORN, Edward Solon
Aka: Ed Hagedorn

Party/Coalition: Independent


His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Increase government subsidy for students under K+12 program
Human Rights: Enforce anti-begging law that is implemented under a national anti-poverty program; propose a bill for government subsidy for eco-friendly PUVs and PUJs; provide a national healthcare system by looking into the capacity of barangay health centers, making local governments responsible for their respective region’s healthcare, increase funding for training and salaries of health workers, assess PhilHealth contributions; revise penal code to adjust age limit for prosecuting juvenile delinquents from 18 to 12 years old, and provide separate detention facility for them
Employment: Generate employment in rural areas with programs like Balik sa Probinsya, which provides financial and tax incentives to those who will invest in the provinces; and Trabaho sa Barrio, which aims to decentralize development of rural transport infrastructures, farm-to-market roads, postharvest facilities. Plans to improve agricultural planning, increase subsidy for farmers and fishermen.

Youth programs: None

Online status/accessibility: edwardhagedorn.net, hagedornforsenator.com; facebook.com/edwardsolonhagedorn; Twitter @EdwardHagedorn


His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti





TEXT: Fran Katigbak, Rissa Camongol,

Irene Andrea Perez, Annelle S. Tayao, Jovic Yee

PHOTOS: Arnold Almacen, Edwin Bacasmas, Joan S. Bondoc, Genie Lagman, Niño Jesus Orbeta, Richard Reyes

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Who gets your vote? Part 2

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