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OCTOBER 27, 2022

HE WORE, SHE WORE. On Kathy: Calvin Klein Jeans Wovens pale skin blouse and Body Skinny 5 Pocket jeans, Lilly Pulitzer accessories On Mike: Calvin Klein Jeans Wovens dark-green
long-sleeve shirt and blue pocket pants, Pedro del Hierro canvas sneakers

It’s 11 a.m. and Michael (“Mike”) and Kathy Huang are getting ready for their close-up. They have never done this, so the shy Mike and the nervous Kathy have to be motivated with humor and conversation from Dina Arroyo Tantoco, who arranged the fashion shoot for Rustan’s.


They are modeling head-to-toe clothing and accessories from the luxury brands of Store Specialists Inc. and foreign labels at Rustan’s Makati.


“We don’t do PDA (public displays of affection), but these are the types of clothes we really wear for summer,” says Kathy Yap Huang, who’s been married to Mike for five years.


They have a 2-year-old girl.


Mike, the second son of Nedy Tantoco Huang, is special assistant to the president of Rustan’s Group of Companies. He is also currently taking his MBA at the Northwestern University: Kellog School of Management in Hong Kong.


Wife Kathy works for her parents’ company. She graduated from Brent International School in Manila and was a student at Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia, until 9-11 happened. She eventually graduated from the Ateneo de Manila.


SUMMER loving. Mike and Kathy Huang in Ralph Lauren

The couple’s favorite pastime is “anything basketball,” specifically the NBA and the New York Knicks—that is, next to spending time with their  daughter.


The following Q&A reveals an intimate portrait of two people revealing their dressing habits and personal style. They are so much in love, and care to share their good taste in fashion and decorum.


Mike’s answers


What is your favorite among your wife’s outfits?


Jeans and a white tee. Ever since I met my wife, I have always known her to be quite simple in terms of style, so it’s really her personality. Plus, I have always liked the clean and simple look on her. I am a very casual and comfortable dresser myself; so to me, as long as you’re comfortable, that’s what really matters.


Do you ever buy her clothing or accessories?


Yes, I do. There was this blue and white striped top from Polo Ralph Lauren. I bought it for her because when I saw it, I thought it really looked good on her, and she carried it very well. I gave her a Bottega Veneta clutch as an anniversary gift.


What color do you think your wife looks best in?


SEXY STRIPES. Polo Ralph Lauren red-and-white striped dress, Concept cream bag, Anne Klein scarf



What is your favorite casual look for your wife?


Jeans and a tee.


What is your favorite formal look for your wife?


Long gown, with her hair down.


What SSI brands are the favorites of your wife?


Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Christian Louboutin.


How long does it take your wife to get dressed?


MAIN MAN. Polo Ralph Lauren blueand-white striped shirt, tan belt, patterned navy slim-fit shorts

About 30 minutes.


What is the summer look of your wife this year?


As I mentioned, my wife is quite simple when it comes to dressing, so she will keep her white tops and jeans this summer.



Kathy’s answers


What is your favorite among your husband’s outfits?


Jeans, a T-shirt, baseball cap and sneakers. We’re a pretty laid-back couple, and that outfit is most comfortable for Mike, so that’s one reason it’s my favorite. The other reason is that it means he’s in weekend clothes: more time to spend together as a family.


Do you ever buy him clothing or accessories?


Yes. Those are our go-to birthday and Christmas gifts. I’ve yet to see a blue, long-sleeved button down or a pique polo shirt that he does not like. Sneakers are his weakness, and shoes in general.

What color do you think your husband looks best in?

Blue or white.


What is your favorite casual look for your husband?


His weekend T-shirt and jeans look.


What is your favorite formal look for your husband?




TWO TO TANGO.On Kathy: Elie Tahari teal dress, black Nina mini leather bag. On Mike: Hacket navy-blue jacket, lightblue shirt, khaki pants. Mike Huang is special assistant to the president of Rustan’s Commercial Corp. He develops primary goals and short-and long-range objectives, directs and coordinates activities and projects with senior managers.

Share with us something about your husband’s dressing ritual that nobody knows.


Let’s just say it takes him longer to get dressed than it takes me!


What SSI brands are the favorites of your husband?


For casual wear, he loves Banana Republic and Gap. For formal wear, he goes to Zegna or Boss.


How long does it take your husband to get dressed?


Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what’s on the TV at the time.


What is the summer look of your husband this year?


He recently got a new “summer haircut,” which is much shorter than usual, and he has been receiving a lot of compliments for it.

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