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Day: November 15, 2017

Watercolor of George Washington command post tent

Newly discovered painting shows Washington’s wartime tent

Philip Mead was online late one night in May, looking for possible artifacts from the American Revolution, when a painting up for auction caught his eye and got his heart racing. The chief historian at the American Revolution Museum had spied an unsigned watercolor from 1782. It was a panorama of an army encampment, and to his expert eye seemed to feature the only known wartime depiction of the tent George Washington used as his command center during the Revolutionary War.

Reaching out to Indian consumers with K-Beauty

China has for years appeared to be an unchanging target for South Korea’s cosmetics export realm, but for market pioneers, India is the way to go, according to an entrepreneur specializing in Indian business.

Leonardo da Vinci’s rare painting to be auctioned in NY

NEW YORK — A painting thought by scholars to be one of only a few by Leonardo da Vinci to have survived the half-millennia since the artist’s death is set to be auctioned on Wednesday in New York, where it is guaranteed to sell for at least $100 million.

The 500-year-old oil painting depicting Christ holding a crystal orb, called “Salvator Mundi” or “Savior of the World,” is one of fewer than 20 paintings by Da Vinci known to exist, according to Christie’s, the auction house conducting the sale.

Taiwan’s foodie cred given Michelin boost

From streetside stalls dishing out one dollar bowls of braised pork rice to upscale eateries tucked away in quiet alleyways, Michelin inspectors are scouring the Taiwanese capital selecting restaurants for its first ever guide.