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Jill Arwen Posadas does ‘Remix’ in Canvas exhibit

“LAST Trip”

In 2006, artist Jill Arwen Posadas staged “Jig,” featuring paintings that interpret the artist’s favorite songs through the use of a drawing style she personally calls “blobs.” (The dictionary defines “jig” as a “lively dance with leaping movements.”)

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Love-advice radio program inspires Ballet Manila pieces

ADVICE guru “Papa Jack” (left) of the radio program “TLC,” with Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Ballet Manila co-artistic director Osias Barroso

The man behind the long-selling love counseling radio program is unapologetically brutal. But it is this frankness and no-frills approach to giving out advice on love and life that has endeared him to listeners of “True Love Conversations” (TLC) through the years.

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Agnes Locsin’s ‘La Rev’ now a classic

MABINI and Aguinaldo at the Malolos Congress

An Agnes Locsin piece is all about ensemble. It is a moving tapestry of various emotions occurring at the same time, painting a full picture, according to the choreographer’s vision, of the narrative all at once, forcing the spectator to pan his eyes from stage right to left so as not to miss a single nuance.

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French dance teacher Candice Behlert in Manila: ‘It’s inner spirit, not technique alone’

HER soul mate: Ernest Mandap in an environmental dance

Dancing may have lost its substance to physicality and self-absorption, so visiting French teacher-choreographer Candice Behlert reminds dancers that an honest performance is derived from emotions growing out of the movement.

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Ballet Manila’s 19th season features classics, OPM, new works

LISA Macuja-Elizalde says the classics will always be a BM staple.

Ballet Manila will open its 19th performance season starting August, with a repertoire consisting of classics and new works.

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