Unveiling next-level luxury: Sealy debuts latest mattress innovation with Ballet Philippines

Bedtime comfort is taken to the next level as Sealy Posturepedic launches the Elevate Ultra mattress collection



Ever dream of waking up feeling light on your feet, ready to tackle the day with the grace of a ballerina? That dream can start with a night of truly restorative sleep. This luxurious sleep might seem like a dream, but Sealy Posturepedic is here to turn it into reality with the launch of the revolutionary Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra mattress collection.

As Sealy Posturepedic launches the new Elevate Ultra mattress collection, they’ve partnered with the country’s premier dance company, Ballet Philippines to artfully showcase the importance of investing in quality sleep in pursuit of peak performance.

The Grand Launch took place in The Penthouse at Twenty-Four Seven McKinley. Guests were greeted by a captivating showcase – photographs featuring Ballet Philippines’ dancers in graceful poses atop the new Sealy mattresses and a walk through Sealy’s long-standing history of sleep innovation.

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Guests were greeted with a gallery showcasing the dream collaboration of Sealy Posturepedic and Ballet Philippines

The performance of a lifetime starts the night before

The partnership with Ballet Philippines wasn’t merely symbolic. Sealy recognized the importance of quality sleep for peak performance. Sealy Asia Group of Companies Director and General Manager, Mr. Chee Yan Lee, and Head of Regional Sales & Hospitality, Mr. Dennis Tan, flew in from Singapore to celebrate this momentous occasion, alongside Focus Global Inc. President Mr. Stephen Sy and Ballet Philippines President Ms. Kathleen Liechtenstein.

“We pride ourselves on delivering world-class products and top-notch services that inspire excellence. Today, we’re not only celebrating this milestone but also commemorating eight years of helping Filipinos sleep better through Sealy Posturepedic,” said Sy during his welcome remarks.

From left to right: Dennis Tan Head of Regional Sales & Hospitality of Sealy Asia (SG) Pte Ltd, Chee Yan Lee, Director and General Manager of Sealy Asia
Focus Global Inc. President, Stephen Sy, talks about Focus Global’s commitment to bringing best in class products in the country

Liechtenstein echoed this sentiment, highlighting the perfect synergy. “Sealy epitomizes the essence of empowering and enlightening through its commitment to providing proper support and comfort for a restful sleep. It’s a perfect synergy that enables our ballet dancers to awaken feeling rejuvenated, energized, and poised to perform with grace and harmony.”

The artistry of comfort and luxury

Ballet Philippines showcases the new Elevate Ultra collection through their interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
With enough quality sleep, tackle the day with the grace of a ballerina

The event’s highlight was a mesmerizing performance by Ballet Philippines dancers. Their movements, infused with elegance and control, mirrored the blissful feeling of surrendering to a great night’s sleep. The dancers artfully incorporated the mattresses into their performance, showcasing the collection’s blend of support and comfort. This artistic display perfectly encapsulated the message: prioritizing quality sleep with Sealy leads to unparalleled luxury and peak performance in every aspect of life.

After the performance, the guests were given the chance to experience the new collection firsthand as they were invited to feel, sit and lie down on the mattresses. The guests were able to try the different Posturepedic variants of the new collection namely, the Orthopaedic Series, the Hotel Executive Series, and the Royal Retreat.

During the event, Chee Yan Lee could not help but express his gratitude to Ballet Philippines and the guests for making the launch possible. “This is truly a moment to celebrate. I’d like to extend my heartfelt commendation to the team at Ballet Philippines for their dedication to their craft and artistic brilliance throughout this collaboration. It truly has been a dream partnership,” said Lee.

The next level of luxury

Sealy’s commitment to sleep innovation is evident in the Elevate Ultra mattress collection’s cutting-edge technology. This new collection carries Sealy’s upgraded AlignSupport Titanium Coil innovation, a patented two-stage support system for enhanced deep-down back support, and UniCasedXT Edge Technology, which is wrapped around the mattresses’ coil system for a stable and wider sleep surface.

It also features Ice-Touch Technology, which provides an instant cooling effect on the skin for that comfortable feeling that allows you to sleep and dream soundly. The mattresses are also designed with gel-infused ComfortCore technology for added lower back support.

The Elevate Ultra collection mattress range—what sleep innovation feels like

Through the Elevate Ultra mattress collection, Sealy reaffirms its commitment to offering only excellent quality mattresses for the kind of rest that everyone deserves to experience. The Elevate Ultra collection is more than just a mattress; it’s an investment in a life well-rested. Visit your sealy.ph or your nearest Sealy showroom to experience the collection firsthand.