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I hate goodbyes

Conchita C. Razon

Today is my last day in Atlanta. I look forward to my next stop, but with a heavy heart, as I leave my sister behind. This time she has decided not to come to Manila with me, as she has in the past. She retired last year. Or so she thought. But I can see that she has never been busier. I know this is good for her. But I am sad.

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Death–what, me worry?


An e-mail from a friend in Manila made me pause and deliberate on a matter that to her was urgent and of grave importance. I imagine that the recent spate of writings about depression got her started on a fresh and new worry, a never-before-seen wrinkle if you will, in the otherwise peaceful and smooth run of events in her life as a senior.

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The night I got a kiss from Robin Williams

Conchita C. Razon

He laughed and said: ‘We scared you, didn’t we?’ Before I could answer, he planted a kiss on my forehead and resumed his hop, skip and dance away from me. I yelled, ‘Bye, Mork!’

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Burgers, fries and the–sometimes perilous—American Dream


It was balmy and pleasant when we drove to midtown Atlanta Sunday to eat what is reputedly the best hamburger in America.

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Dealing with an empty nest


IT IS WARM and beautiful in Atlanta this time of year. It is still the height of summer and the days are long. The skies are a bright blue, and in the evening, it cools down and a refreshing breeze kicks up.

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