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It is not about things


There’s a bad taste in my mouth. It has been there for the past few days. I can only blame it on the disturbing news of recent days. A peppermint candy cane would be great right about now. But I doubt that it would help.

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God has a plan for us–even in our twilight years


Just as Typhoon “Ruby” was threatening to invade Manila, our class of octogenarians was getting ready to gather for lunch, our usual last quarter birthday celebration made special because it is also Christmas. Listening to the weather reports in the news, I feared a no-show on Saturday and thought of canceling.

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Christmas is not about you


December! And with it comes an overload of tinsel, sparkle and shine. This is it. It is just a matter of a couple of weeks. Are you excited?

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Is it okay to come out of the shadows?


Illegal aliens and undocumented immigrants in the United States got a shot in the arm recently when President Barack Obama, bucking scathing criticism and threats from hostile Republicans, took executive action to reform and “fix the broken immigration system.”

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There’s gender inequality in our laws against adultery


Reading old “did you know?” articles, I came across one about weird laws that existed probably hundreds of years ago, but which have not been taken off the books.

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