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Great cuts from veteran hairstylist Angelo Justin

PARTY time with flirty lashes and pouty bold lips

The looks are extreme: from straight hair with lack of volumized roots to bouncy Afro curls and pale lips to scarlet pouts.

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Canadian design company redefines utilitarian style


A long maple shoe wedge doubles as door stopper. An earthenware planter, with self-watering wick supplements the various cycles of the plant. A spice grinder, shaped like an oven knob, catches the residue of the pepper.

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Wushu, gymnastics, arnis, Muay Thai–don’t mess with Kylie Padilla

KYLIE Padilla takes after the guts and discipline of her famous father. NELSON MATAWARAN

Kylie Padilla lies on the floor with her knees bent. Then, by sheer core power and without any hands, she quickly jumps to her feet and slashes the space with a knee kick.

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Ben Chan has a new wonder—Chococros

LIGHTING fixtures that
resemble inverted cups and
saucers lend a whimsical
touch to the decor.

While visiting Osaka, retail magnate Ben Chan discovered Saint Marc Café. Instinctively, the Suyen Corporation chair and CEO knew that the concept would click in the Philippines.

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Hans Brumann, Arturo Luz, Impy Pilapil take ‘wearable art’ to another level

LUZ’S gold neckpiece with coils and corals

Jeweler Hans Brumann has an idiosyncratic approach to jewelry, treating it both as an accessory and an art.

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