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There’s a mohawk in my soup


David Beckham kicks balls with 99-percent accuracy to the thrill of football lovers. His mohawk hair looks bellicose and wild one day, comely and beguiling another day. His heartthrob face on giant billboards dominates the cityscape of Europe.

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‘Sa 2016 ipagdasal mo, pangulong santo’

Minyong Ordoñez

My column last July 6 titled “Sinner or saint” was controversial because of its gutsy idea.

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Amazing advertising classics


The ’60s to the late ’80s were the golden years of Philippine advertising. I was in the right place at the right time. I was compulsively active as president and chief creative officer during those years.

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The angel and the witch


CHONALYN, the 100th millionth baby girl, greets us with her shy smile from the front page of the Inquirer (July 28 issue). She looks triumphant in her journey from her mother’s life-giving womb to the light at the end of the tunnel—our living world.

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Don’t cry for me, Argentina


Some 3.2 billion TV audience worldwide, 60 million people packed in a gigantic stadium.

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