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An interview that flattered me


Josiah Go interviewed me recently. He is a best-selling author, and chair and chief marketing strategist of Mansmith & Fielders, the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines. I have Go’s permission to publish the interview.

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The priest’s way of mercy and compassion


As he approaches the altar garbed in his ceremonial vestments for offering the Mass, our eyes are on him. We feel the atmosphere of holiness.

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‘Heil Adler’–my learning curve


Circa 1967, while I was working in a small startup agency, Link Advertising, we created an ad for Adler, a German-made typewriter. It had this headline: “Heil! Adler!”

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LVN movies for emotion, Hiwaga ‘komiks’ for imagination


“BAKYA crowd” is a term coined by the late and famous film director, Bert Avellana, to describe the reason for the box-office success of films. The sound of thousands of wooden clogs clickity-clacking on the marble lobbies of Dalisay or Life theaters meant the masa viewer came to see Tagalog films in droves in the ’50s.

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Jesuits who brought life to our theater arts


Years ago, Father Irwin was about to give his talk to Assumptionistas having their retreat. White-haired, lean with sharply defined profile and penetrating eyes, Father Irwin stood motionless on the aisle of the chapel.

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