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Healthy diet is part and parcel of preventive medicine


Sanaiyah Keswani-Gurnamal’s story is as colorful and fascinating as the cities she has been to.

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Crispy oysters, ‘chawan mushi’s custard within a custard and other Haru delights

Haru’s Chawan Mushi withOnsen Tamago (Egg)

Whenever Dr. Efren “Boy” Vazquez waves his magic wand, he enchants the culinary scene. The charm is manifested in his restaurants—Café Juanita, Carinderia Au-Gusto, Breakfast @ Juanita’s and Haru.

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Experience traditional French fare at Brasserie CiÇou

BOUCHON’S main course offerings

The Bouchon Lyonnais festival at Brasserie CiÇou in Greenhills is an exciting dining experience. Anna Soenen, wife of CiÇou’s chef Cyrille Soenen, says it is the closest thing the French have to a buffet.

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Authentic fish and chips, straight from a British chef


I seek out British chef Matthew Hornsby-Bates whenever I crave classic English food. His Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding with all the side dishes is my favorite indulgence, along with his Fish and Chips.

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Kangaroo prosciutto, grilled ostrich, crocodile swag bags and other delicious Australian oddities

GUM leaves and paperback smoked kangaroo carpaccio

Many people are curious about Australian cuisine, which is noted for its diversity and unique ingredients. That’s why I rushed to Diamond Hotel upon learning that Australian chef Steve Shrimski was holding a food festival. I had to taste and see what he was cooking.

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